Jose Canseco, The Texas Rangers, and The Funniest Moment in Sports History

David StatmanContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

Surely you've seen this before. A lazy fly ball drifts toward the outfield wall, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as they plead and pray for it to leave the confines of the ballpark. Alas, it falls short of being a home run, and into the glove of the outfielder, as the fans sit back down in their seats to watch the next batter.

Such was the scene on May 26, 1993, except this time, the ball that fell short ended up going over the wall for a home run anyway.

May 26, 1993. Cleveland Municipal Stadium. The Texas Rangers, in the midst of what would be a second place finish in the AL West with a record of 89-73, went to Cleveland, where the lowly Indians were playing their final year in Cleveland Municipal. The Indians were still mourning the tragic death of pitchers Steve Olin and Tim Crews, and would have a losing record that year.

In right field for the Rangers was one Jose Canseco, a few years removed from being one half of the famous "Bash Brothers" in Oakland with Mark McGwire, and more then a decade before he came to the forefront of the steroids scandal.

During the game, infielder Carlos Martinez, in the middle of a year where he would hit just .244, came up to the plate. The pitch was delivered, and a long fly ball flew out to Canseco, a can of corn, seemingly easily catchable. Canseco drifted back to catch the ball, but lost sight of the white orb still hanging high in the sky.

In a moment that has been replayed countless times in the 15 years since, the ball caromed off Canseco's head, and went over the wall, a home run.

Need I say more?