What Should the Vikings Do with Percy Harvin?

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIIJune 20, 2012

Wide receiver Percy Harvin wants a trade? Should the Minnesota Vikings oblige? 

Ah, it seems like only yesterday that Brad Childress was sniffing for pot in Harvin's SUV in Gainesville. While some teams shied away from Harvin after rumors surfaced of his marijuana use, the then-Vikings head coach drafted the Florida standout 22nd overall in the 2009 NFL draft.

After signing a five-year deal for $12.5 million, Harvin proved to be a bargain. 

In three seasons with the Vikes, Harvin's production has climbed steadily. He caught 87 balls last season for 967 yards—so he's a little bent that the organization hasn't made an effort to upgrade his rookie deal.

Rightfully so, one could argue. 

The Vikings spent big money on both John Carlson (five years, $25 million), a tight end who sat out all of 2011 with an injured shoulder, and wide receiver Jerome Simpson (one year, $2 million), whose production (50 catches, 725 yards) is found wanting when compared to Harvin's.

So why did the Vikings pay those clowns and not the guy who's already on their team? Is there no future for Harvin in purple and gold?

Could the Vikings get comparable trade value for a player they drafted in the first round just three years ago? Should such a young player be making trade demands to his team? Why are there so many plot holes in Prometheus? 

NFC North Blogger Andrew Garda and I attempt to answer some of these questions in our latest debate. Enjoy our two cents on the matter in the video above, and leave your own thoughts in the comments.

Or just talk about whatever movies you want to see this summer. Hey, it's not like we could stop you.