WWE: Who Is Next for John Cena?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJune 20, 2012

WWE: Who Is Next for John Cena?

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    Now that we have all gotten over the hangover of a very mediocre PPV from Sunday night, it's time to focus on the future of the WWE and the path toward the hot summer months.

    Most notably, who will be the next in line to test John Cena and his will or the will of the WWE?

    I made a comparison of Cena to Sting when he was defending the honor of WCW. It appears the man who has 11 world titles in his back pocket and is the WWE's greatest marketing tool, has become more of a solitary man in his fight for the good of the company that has made him a star.

    That said, who's next? No, not Goldberg. But someone who can put together a real program with Cena that has some legs and can take him to his limit. Wrestlers like CM Punk, Kane, Alberto Del Rio and The Rock have done their fair share and wrestlers like Tensai and Brock Lesnar have tried and failed.

    So what happens now?

    As the WWE moves toward the summer and tried to attract more viewers with better PPV events and better angles, here are some wrestlers who could make the summer a little more interesting for Cena.


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    This does a few things for both men.

    Ryback faces Cena and the veteran helps the neophyte get over.

    It also begs the question if the WWE is trying to create another Cena/Batista or Cena/Lesnar situation.

    It may be just what both wrestlers need.

    Ryback faces better competition and Cena helps the younger talent grow a bit.

Zack Ryder

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    He started a program with Cena to get over and it crumbled. I don't think the term jobber can even be used when describing Ryder now in WWE conversation.

    Ryder, if he were to come back and make an impact in this company, needs a whole other gimmick than Long Island Ice-Z or Woo Woo Woo.

    He needs a makeover and maybe a heel turn to re-create him.

    And if Cena will sell for him, then maybe this is one of the better feuds during the summer.

Chris Jericho

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    When he comes back, he is going to need someone who is strong enough to help carry vignettes with him that have meaning.

    Jericho may be perfect for Cena.

    It also helps the old guard stay fresh while newer talents progress and remain in the title picture.

    Who knows, this is a feud that could be better than Punk and Jericho.

    We always complain about the WWE using veterans and wasting the young stars, but this is a veteran feud that could have some legs.

Big Show

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    He has no where else to go right now.

    This had the makings of something really good and it faltered. The PPV was weak and lost momentum even before it got there.

    Why not try to rebuild it after a while? Big Show is still a class act and Cena needs more of a challenge.

The Miz

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    Can we only hope for this?

    I think the Miz is forever going to be the forgotten man in the company, and that is a shame.

    For whatever reason, he has been pushed out of the future plans of the WWE. He is charismatic and a good performer in the ring.

    And he sells for Cena and would welcome Cena's challenge to maybe put him back on top, or even in the middle, of the WWE ladder to success.