Brett Favre Retires...Again. Yeah, Right!

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IFebruary 11, 2009

Well, it seems as if the NFL is right on schedule. The Super Bowl ended two weeks ago, and it looks as if Brett Favre is partaking in his annual retirement tradition.

The only difference this time around is nobody cares. There will be no teary-eyed farewell press conferences; there will be no looks back on his legacy. He will simply pack his bags and leave.

Everyone is probably saying something different right now. The Jets fans are saying, "Fun while it lasted." The Packers fans are saying, "Now he retires?!" And I'm saying, "Give him three months."

Maybe Favre's calendar is a little off. Today is not April 1 and Brett Favre is not fooling anybody. Why did Favre spend an entire summer whining just to spend one year with the Jets and a 9-7 record? I don't know, maybe his wife was nagging him and he had to get away. Maybe he got into a stupid bet with Mike Ditka; maybe he had a thing for Jets cheerleaders, I don't know!

I just hope it was all worth it for Favre. I hope putting a gangrenous smear on his fantastic football legacy and losing the respect of the Green Bay Packers organization was worth him having something fun to do on Sunday afternoons.

Actually, I do know! Maybe it's simply the Madden curse. Yep, that's it. That is the only logical answer there is. It's now official—this long string of stupidity is not Favre's fault; it's that darn Madden curse!

Maybe I'm being too hard on Favre. In fact, I should be thanking him. Thanks to him, we will now have a term to give a football player who wants to come back to the game—a "Brett Favre."