NBA Finals 2012: Breaking Down the Top 10 Finals Players Statistically

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NBA Finals 2012: Breaking Down the Top 10 Finals Players Statistically
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The NBA Finals are over, the Heat have been crowned champions, LeBron James has been crowned Finals MVP and the reign of King James has officially begun.

Now is the perfect time to examine how the top 10 players in this series performed statistically:

Player Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks Turnovers FG% Total +-
LeBron James  28.6  10.2  7.4  1.6  .4  3.8  .472  +31
Kevin Durant  30.4  6.0  2.2  1.4  1.0  3.8  .548  -20
Russell Westbrook  27.0  6.4  6.6  1.0  .4  2.2  .433  -17
Dwyane Wade  22.6  6.0  5.2  1.4  1.2  2.8  .435  +41
Chris Bosh  14.6  9.4  .2  .6  1.2  1.0  .452  +15
Serge Ibaka  7.0  5.2  .8  .4  2.0  .2  .424  -42
James Harden  12.4  4.8  3.6  1.2  0.0  2.4  .375  -11
Mario Chalmers  10.4  2.6  4.0  1.8  .4  2.0  .442  +22
Shane Battier  11.6  3.4  .4  .8  0.0  .2  .613  +11
Kendrick Perkins  4.8  6.8  0.0  .2  .6  1.2  .429  -2

Who was the Thunder's Finals MVP?

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As can easily be seen from the above table, LeBron James was most definitely the MVP of the Finals.

Another thing that stands out—which anyone who actually watched the Finals already knows—is that Russell Westbrook was the Thunder's MVP, not Kevin Durant, though the Durantula also had a fantastic series.

Finally, shield your eyes OKC fans and spare yourself the pain and anger that will most likely come from viewing the atrocious statistics compiled by James Harden, Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins.

The Thunder lost this series because they had no post presence whatsoever, period.

Thunder fans cringe every time Perkins touches the ball on offense. Ibaka is much more comfortable floating around the free-throw line and shooting jumpers than backing down a defender. The Thunder need a true post scorer if they want to win the title next season.

Trading James Harden for the second pick in the draft and selecting Thomas Robinson could be one solution. Signing a player such as Elton Brand, who I believe will be an amnesty cut soon, could be another.

However, whatever happens, don't be surprised to see a Heat-Thunder NBA Finals rematch next season.

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