Eve Torres: Could She Be the Next Great General Manager?

TJ WalkerContributor IIIJune 20, 2012

With the recent firing of John Laurinaitis two nights ago at the No Way Out pay-per-view, the General Manager position has been made available for just about anyone.  It was revealed last night that the WWE Board of Directors will be handing out auditions to find a new interim GM until a permanent one is found.

The position of GM, unfortunately, has a sad history of repetitiveness with storylines often consisting of big-headed heels who make life miserable for any and all babyfaces for no real reason.  Of course, there is the rare occasion in which a popular babyface superstar will have a GM reign, but that situation invariably leads to the face in question losing their temper and consequently losing their job as GM.

At this point, WWE has given itself some time to look for someone to fill the void left by Laurinaitis, but there are only so many interim GMs that can audition before the Board has to make a decision.  And why should the Board have to look very hard when they have a perfect candidate right under their noses.

Laurinaitis' assistant, the beautiful two-time Divas Champion Eve has the potential to be something completely new to the General Manager scene.  

Generally when women are put in authority in the WWE, they turn into whiny and spoiled divas (and not the wrestling kind).  The two most prominent female authority figures (Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guerrero) are the best examples of this.

Eve, however, is a completely different woman.

Eve is reminiscent of the morally ambiguous women that have become so popular in today's culture, women who are capable of playing both the hero and villain in order to further their own personal gain. And Eve embodies that selfish principle perfectly.  She is intelligent and competent and she also knows what it's like to have to climb your way to the top.

The WWE is a place known for its larger-than-life heroes and villains, but throughout the years, many an anti-hero has made their presence felt.  However, WWE has never really given such a character a position of authority nor has such a character ever been a woman.

Eve has both the charisma and ability to break a lot of boundaries by doing both.  The only catch is that Eve would have to remain mostly neutral for the role to work.  Simply being a heel one week and a face the next wouldn't work.  No one should be able to figure out Eve's intentions until the very end, when she comes out on top.

For Eve to truly excel in this role, she needs to be completely unpredictable.  The WWE Universe needs to see her as someone who controls everyone in the locker room with equal ruthlessness.  That means that no one who crosses Eve is safe, whether they be face or heel.

She could go after John Cena and/or Zack Ryder for starting the hoeski chant that she has to deal with whenever she enters the ring, but Eve could just as easily target Big Show just to show him that his "ironclad contract" does not make him untouchable.    

The whole "walking the line between good and evil" angle would make for excellent television and viewers would constantly tune in to see just what Eve will do next week in order to reach the top.