Minnesota Vikings: Give Percy Harvin What He Wants

Mike Nelson@Mike_E_NelsonCorrespondent IJune 19, 2012

Percy Harvin says he is "unhappy" with his current situation with the Minnesota Vikings.
Percy Harvin says he is "unhappy" with his current situation with the Minnesota Vikings.Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

If there’s one thing the Minnesota Vikings don’t need it’s for one of its top players to hold out training camp. Unfortunately, it sounds like that may indeed become a reality.

Percy Harvin disclosed to 1500ESPN.com’s Tom Pelissero that he’s “just overall not happy with a couple situations.” Harvin wouldn’t disclose the cause of the unhappiness but the first thing that comes to mind is his contract.

Harvin has two years left on his original rookie contract, which will pay him a base salary of $915,000 in 2012 and $1.55 million in 2013.

Over his first three NFL seasons Harvin has caught 218 passes for 2,625 yards with 17 touchdowns. He also rushed for 587 yards (6.9 yards per carry) and three touchdowns. As a kick returner Harvin has returned four kickoffs for touchdowns while accumulating 2,609 yards.

In the NFL, which many jokes say stands for “Not For Long,” a player needs to gets paid while his body allows him to play at a high enough level. Although wide receivers have longer careers than running backs, just look at a player like LaDainian Tomlinson who retired Monday at 32 years old.

Harvin is only 24 years old, but with the way he plays and the nature of the NFL, he has to take care of himself.

The former Florida Gator is Minnesota’s second best offensive weapon and should be paid as such. That shouldn’t be an issue. Minnesota showed Adrian Peterson the money and I expect the same will be done for Harvin – the Wilfs have shown a willingness to pay in-house talent.

But Harvin said that there are multiple things that need to be worked out prior to training camp if he is to be in attendance for its entirety.

What else could he be upset about? We’ll have to wait and see because Harvin said he won’t talk about them, although he said others may.

Regardless, my message to the Wilfs is this: Pay the man. He’s proven himself a playmaker who deserves a raise, even if that’s not what he’s upset about.