Marking Out: Goodbye, Johnny Ace and Roddy Piper Bops

Ryan SzAnalyst IIJune 19, 2012

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Hello again, and welcome to Marking Out. The WWE is really amping it up in the buildup to episode 1000 episode of Raw, as evidence by the returning legends and what happened at the end of the show.

To start off the show, fans were treated to the return of Mick Foley, who was brought in to hold down the fort for the week until the board of directors can find another GM. It was a nice touch, as Foley has been a fan favorite for the better part of his career, especially in his hometown of Long Island.

The big announcements for the night included Cyndi Lauper's first appearance, and the apparent last act of John Laurinaitis, who scheduled a 3-on-1 handicap match with David Otunga, Big Show and himself against John Cena.

The Lauper segment ended up being pretty painful to watch. The promo video for Lauper included her connection to Wendi Richter. Both came out to meager cheers, as many of the people in the audience had no idea who the two women were.

While Lauper was able to move fairly well, Richter looked almost robotic after a long career in wrestling, which didn't help as she tried to keep up with Lauper's energy level.

Then came Heath Slater, who is apparently being subjected to the toughest form of “paying his dues,” as he was getting upstaged by Lauper as they traded insults in the ring.

This was followed by the surprise return of Roddy Piper, who looked incredibly sincere when he talked about breaking a gold with Captain Lou Albano. Albano got a surprising amount of boos last night.

This segment came to a halt when Lauper smashed the gold record over Heath Slater's head, which did look pretty brutal, especially since Slater went limp in the ring.

The crown jewel of the night was the main event between Cena, Big Show, Otunga and Laurinaitis.

Before Cena even came to the ring,we saw the continued heel push of the Big Show as he said that Johnny was of no more use to him and that he didn't need to be in the match. He said he “was off to bigger and better things” within the WWE, after which he left the ring.

It seems to me that the WWE is going to keep Big Show a heel, since he could have turned face in the match by attacking Johnny and Otunga, giving Cena the win.

The only question now regarding Big Show is: what does he do next? Does he go for a world title or one of the second-tier titles? Or will he be used similarly to Kane, as a monster heel to put over younger talent?

Then came the now 2-on-1 handicap match between Cena and a team of Otunga and Johnny. The fight itself wasn't bad, if a bit predictable.

Otunga fought Cena for a while as Johnny feigned injury. Johnny tagged in once Cena was hurt. Eventually, Otunga walked out of the match as well, leaving Johnny at the mercy of Cena. Cena won the match after three Attitude Adjustments and locking Johhny in the STF, getting the submission.

While it's easy to predict that Laurinaitis won't be gone long, it will be interesting to see how he comes back and to what extent. The way the WWE had the match play out was very pleasing for fans who have been clamoring for this type of beatdown for Laurinaitis.

Unfortunately, it looks like the angle will continue to play out way past its expiration date since Cena has no options for stories, outside of fighting with Laurinaitis.

For right now, I'm content watching the look-backs at Raw's history and seeing old superstars return to TV, apparently just to destroy Heath Slater.