Bye Bye Brett Favre: His Retirement is a Refreshing Shot of Nyquil for Sick Fans

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Bye Bye Brett Favre: His Retirement is a Refreshing Shot of Nyquil for Sick Fans

Brett Favre has retired again! Now, the world surrounding the NFL is supposed to pay homage to the man who invented the retirement roller coaster.

Well Mr. Favre, expect no such dramatic tribute from anyone this time.

I applaud Favre for doing the sensible thing and ending the drama before it got started this offseason.

Don't get me wrong, Favre is a true legend and a deserving future Hall of Famer in my eyes. He has done many great things for the sport of football but at the same time, he has also taken up so much screen-time that I'm glad to see him go.

No more rocket-balls, no more drama, and thank god—no more interceptions.

The Jets will finally get a clean slate to begin their 2009 season with a new head coach and a fresh new quarterback. It was a great act for Favre to step on and help the Jets sell a bunch of jerseys but it is now time for the Jets to acquire a quarterback of the future who will bring them victories along with merchandise sales.

I don't mean to sound as arrogant as I might be coming off, I'm just glad to see a nice clean end to his fantastic career this time. I applaud Favre for making the right decision and allowing the Jets ample time to prepare for the future.

Everyone say goodbye to number four, cherish these final Brett Favre moments as we will never again bear witness to the antics of one of the NFL's most charismatic players.

Now that this spectacle has finally come to an end, sick NFL fans everywhere can take that well deserved shot of Nyquil this offseason as they can rest easy with the assurance of not missing any more Favre drama.

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