Washington Redskins: How Aqib Talib's Break with Bucs Could Be Redskin's Bailout

Tom Toth@@TomToth3Contributor IJune 19, 2012

TAMPA, FL - CIRCA 2011: In this handout image provided by the NFL, Aqib Talib of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers poses for his NFL headshot circa 2011 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)
Handout/Getty Images

Yesterday, the assault charges against Aqib Talib were dismissed, rendering Talib a free man and again available to play football in the NFL.

It’s no secret that his conduct is not thought of very highly by Tampa Bay brass and they may not be willing to take a chance on his personal recovery.

The Washington Redskins are facing a difficult scenario by swiftly moving toward the 2012 season with a serious deficiency of depth in the defensive backfield. Raheem Morris coached Talib in Tampa Bay and knows his skill firsthand. Bruce Allen knows Talib, as well as Tampa Bay management—he is the former GM of the Buccaneers—and Aqib Talib is a man offered a second chance after facing the possibility of spending his prime playing years in prison. Therein lies a possibility for the stars to align.

Talib is only 26-years-old and the former All-American is one of the most talented defensive backs in football. Mike Shanahan has already displayed a willingness to offer young, talented players the ability to redeem and prove themselves in signing Brandon Meriweather.

Trading a mid-to-low level draft pick for Talib could pay dividends for the Redskins if the coaching staff and front office believe that the young man can recover and return to his high level of play. If so, Talib could be an outstanding means to solidify a porous Redskins’ secondary. The rumors have already made their way around the web in recent weeks and yesterday’s dismissal of charges can only fuel that fire.

For now, we’ll have to stay in wait-and-see mode. I, for one, find some comfort in the fact that Mike Shanahan and Brice Allen will touch all of their bases and make the best educated call for the franchise.