Vince McMahon: He's Got No Chance in Hell!

TJ DuncanCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

When Randy Orton punted Vince McMahon in the head a few weeks ago, I thought it was exactly what the WWE needed.

Finally, they could have a running feud between a top superstar and Vince. For the first time since "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (apart from the odd occasion with Triple H), they could have someone who dared to "cross the boss".

Five or so years ago, this would have ensured that Randy Orton was the biggest face in the business. Now, however, the WWE seems determined to keep him as a heel. Why?!

The greatest heel the WWE has ever had is Vince McMahon. The storylines he is involved in are often the best, as he has the power to do anything he wants, but you know he will take a beating at the end of it.

However, this storyline has the McMahons as the good guys, and Legacy, or rather, Randy Orton, as the bad guys.

The only McMahons who are any good at being a face are Linda and Shane, and the latter is also good at being heel, so change them round!

Vince being kicked in the head, and subsequently being out for a while shows him to be weak. The old Vince McMahon, while taking numerous beatings, would not be seen as weak.

He would always take an active role in storylines, and I feel he needs to take a more active role in this one.

They are wasting this potentially great storyline.

Make Orton face, bring Vince back in and make him try and destroy Orton, keep Shane O'Mac, but make him heel.

Above all, even if this doesn't happen, I hope they don't ruin this for Wrestlemania 25. The No Holds Barred Match at No Way Out is good, but it'll be interesting to see what they do for Wrestlemania with this storyline.

And, hopefully, they will continue this long beyond Wrestlemania, and Orton can become the modern day Austin.

You can but dream...

This has been a TJ Duncan article, but then, you already know that as my name is at the top. Still putting this at the bottom must serve some purpose. Right? Right?!