Buffalo Sabres Look to Make Moves at the Trade Deadline

Dan NoonCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Much talk lately has been about whether or not the Sabres should trade Tim Connolly.

My answer to this? No way!

The Sabres would be foolish to trade their best player (besides Miller) away right before the playoffs.

What the Sabres need to do is stock up for the draft.

The Sabres have always had a good draft, and with more picks come more guys like Stafford, Paille, Vanek and McCarthur.

If anything, the Sabres need in the worst way, a backup goalie. With a record of 2-7-1, Buffalo's backups have failed this season. In fact, they have failed ever since the departure of Martin Biron.

I suggest the Sabres do what the can to acquire Scott Clemmensen from the Devils. A good offer would be Afinogenov and Lalime.

Another need I feel the Sabres should fill is a solid third-line winger. I feel Kaleta is not quite ready for the NHL, especially the third line of a playoff team. I suggest going out for a player like Trent Hunter or David Backes. It might be difficult to woo these guys from their teams, but I feel could be done with an offer of a prospect and draft pick.

The Sabres are a legitimate playoff team, but still need a few more pieces to the puzzle if they are to make a run at the cup. An outrageous idea would be to trade Miller for the more defense and offense—but like I said that, is outrageous.