NBA Trade Rumors: 76ers Shouldn't Trade Andre Iguodala for a Higher Draft Pick

Jessica MarieCorrespondent IIJune 19, 2012

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 06:  Andre Drummond #12 of the Connecticut Huskies in action against the DePaul Blue Demons during their first round game of the 2012 Big East Men's Basketball Tournament at Madison Square Garden on March 6, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

If the Sixers trade Andre Iguodala for a higher draft pick and then use it to select Andre Drummond, they are going to set themselves back many, many years. There, I said it.

We all know that Andre Iguodala trade rumors, whether they're credible or not, tend to surface as soon as the Sixers' season ends. This year, much of the Iguodala chatter has been centered around the idea of trading him for a higher draft pick.

The Sixers are currently slated to select 15th, and according to HoopsWorld's Alex Kennedy, they're interested in moving up in order to select Andre Drummond out of UConn.

During a June 16th chat, Kennedy said:

For months, league sources have been saying that the Sixers are going to shop Andre Iguodala. It won’t surprise me if he’s dealt. Philly met with Andre Drummond at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, even though he’s likely going to be a top pick. It certainly seems like the Sixers are trying to move up.

There are several problems with the idea of wasting a draft pick on Drummond. One of them is the fact that the Sixers are better off holding onto their draft pick in order to take a player who can give them some solid long-range shooting, of which they had painfully little in the postseason.

As a team, the Sixers shot 30.4 percent from beyond the arc in the playoffs this year. If they had one consistent long-range shooter, even someone to come off the bench, they probably could've beaten the Celtics in the Eastern Conference semis.

Right now, picking 15th, the Sixers will probably have the opportunity to select either Terrence Ross, Dion Waiters, Quincy Miller or Austin Rivers. Ross, more than anyone, fills their need for a lights-out three-point shooter.

Instead, though, the Sixers are allegedly going for a post player who has displayed decent-at-best shooting abilities and yet will be expected to dominate up front. If the Sixers trade Iguodala for Drummond, it's a giant waste of an Iguodala.

The second problem is that if the Sixers are going to trade Iguodala for anyone or anything in terms of a post player, they should trade him to the Lakers in exchange for Pau Gasol. I'm not saying they should do it, but Gasol is a better option than Drummond at this point. He's obviously older, but with his age comes the guarantee that he knows how to win a championship, which is something Drummond doesn't know how to do, not even at the collegiate level.

There's a lot of hype surrounding Drummond because he's a seven-footer out of UConn. But what has he done to assure teams of the fact that he can be a solid NBA center?

He's certainly not NBA-ready right now. He wasn't anywhere near dominant enough to help UConn contend in the Big East tournament, nevermind in the NCAA tournament, and he has a reputation for playing passively, which is the No. 1 thing you don't want to hear about a post player who's projected to be a lottery pick.

Just like Hasheem Thabeet and Charlie Villanueva, Drummond has big-man bust written all over him. Except Drummond isn't even as good as the UConn post players who have come before him and dominated at the collegiate level only to utterly fail in the NBA. What does that say about his chances at the next level?

If the Sixers want to trade Iguodala for a higher draft pick and then use that selection on Drummond, fine. It's great news for Knicks, Nets and Celtics fans.