The 15 Most Painful Fighting Fails Ever

Justin Tate@justindavidtateCorrespondent IJune 21, 2012

The 15 Most Painful Fighting Fails Ever

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    Disasters happen in every sport, but the mangled ears, rage-filled outbursts and illegal knockouts in boxing prove that the ring is more prone to catastrophe.

    Sometimes it's the exposing of something very corrupt in the ring, while on other occasions it's a comeback gone completely oh-so wrong.

    Here's a look at a few unfortunate participants in 15 of the most painful fighting fails ever.

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Butler Knocks out His Opponent...after Losing a Decision

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    James Butler was expected to beat Richard Grant, a journeyman, in this light heavyweight contest.

    Grant won the decision. Butler's reaction? A swift, horrendous right hand that broke Grant's jaw and landed Butler in prison for assault.

    The reactions from the crowd and announcer Teddy Atlas says it all.

Australian Mob Hires Painfully Bad Actor in Paul Briggs

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    Danny Green scored a knockout in 29 seconds in defense of his cruiserweight title against Paul Briggs, a former light heavyweight coming out of retirement.

    The punch that did Briggs in was actually a light soft pet of the challenger's hair. Fans booed and everyone with any kind of eyesight could see the fix was in.

    The Western Australian Professional Combat Sports Commission fined Briggs $75,000 and revoked his boxing license to effectively ban him from boxing.

    Apparently, local Australian gang, the Sword Boys, placed over $100,000 in bets at the very last minute for Green to knockout Briggs in Round 1.

    The play may have been set, but the hired actor's performance was quite awful.

Mike Tyson Grits His Teeth and Then Uses Them

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    Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield met in the fight of the year in 1996. Then in 1997, they met in the event of the year as everyone was talking about how Tyson bite Holyfield's ear not once, but twice.

    Tyson's lack of medication and troubled existence finally played itself out in full-on self-destruct mode in the middle of the ring.

    Tyson's career would never recapture the glory of his pre-biting days.

Paul Williams Sends Kermit Cintron on a Flight out the Ring

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    Paul Williams vs. Kermit Cintron was supposed to be an action-packed junior middleweight bout. Cintron had Williams in a headlock that resulted from a close quarters tussle.

    Then Williams fell off balance, being the 6'2 giant he is for the weight class, and his long legs tripped Cintron who stumbled and fell through the ropes and out the ring onto an announcement table.

    Cintron rolled around in pain and the fight had to be stopped in Round 4. A fight can only go to a decision if it's stopped after four rounds. 

    According to California rules, enough of Round 4 had played out and they decided Williams should get the decision.

    Not only does Cintron leave the venue in embarrassing fashion via stretcher and neck brace, but he leaves as a loser on top of that.

Zab Judah Cries, Cusses and Chunks Chairs in Defeat

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    Zab Judah was supposed to be the future of boxing in 2001. As the IBF champ of 140 lbs was anointed himself, the future Hall of Famer Kostya Tszyu just went in and handled business.

    That business came to a startling end in Round two after two straight rights sent Judah to the canvas. Judah got up too quick and did a stumbling chicken dance before falling back down.

    Referee Jay Nady stopped the fight and Judah erupted in disbelief. After crying and screaming, "he didn't count" for a long time after the fight, it took a police force to restrain him.

    He managed to chunk his stool into the center of the ring and punch the ref before finally making his exit.

    Judah was fined $75,000 and suspended for six months for the incident.

Floyd Mayweather Tries Rap

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    Floyd Mayweather tried to rap when he dropped the song, "Yep."

    Mayweather, a talented boxer, turns in tired, lame cliche-ridden song of money, broads and cars.

    It's Mayweather rapping, shall I go any further?

David Haye and Dereck Chisora Trade Words, Bottles and Even Camera Tripods

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    Dereck Chisora gave Vitali Klitschko one of the better fights of his career this past February, but his post-fight brawl with David Haye stole the headlines.

    Though Chisora lost the fight by unanimous decision, he gained a great deal of respect for taking the fight to Klitschko.

    The memory of Chisora slapping Klitschko at the weigh-in and spitting in his brother's face before the fight was almost forgotten until an unlicensed and supposedly retired Haye stopped by.

    He was at the post-fight press conference at first antagonizing Klitschko for a fight. Then he turned his attention toward butchering Chisora's career.

    Chisora couldn't take anymore proceeded to come to Haye. Glass bottles flew as several people were injured. Haye even used a camera tripod to keep Chisora away.

    After the brawl, Chisora's boxing license was suspended in his native Britain, but the public appetite for a Haye-Chisora fight grew bigger than the commissions.

    Luxemburg boxing commission sanctioned the fight and thanks to European Union rules, they're still having a fight on British soil in Upton Park where over 30,000 tickets have already been sold.

Judah Tries to End Mayweather's Babymaking Days

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    For the first three rounds, Zab Judah looked to be in control against Floyd Mayweather. Then Mayweather did what he always does: started winning.

    Judah was getting hit often and was obviously on his way toward a decision loss or a possible late-rounds knockout when he did what any sore loser might do: he took a shot at Mayweather...below the belt.

    After throwing a left hook to Mayweather's tools of reproduction, he immediately followed up with a right to the back of the head as Mayweather bent over in pain.

    Mayweather's uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather stepped in the ring to beat Judah. Judah's trainer and father Yoel Judah entered in to defend his son. Both camps came in to bang it out like true sportsmen.

    The police had to break up the riotous fight so the professional one could continue. Mayweather won in dominating fashion.

    A lot of fighters and trainers had their entire paycheck gobbled by fines. Roger Mayweather was fined $200,000.

    Zab Judah had to pay $250,000, while his dad paid $100,000 and Mayweather kept his title and all his money.

David Haye Lets His Broken Toe Disappoint Millions of British Fans

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    David Haye ridiculed Wladimir Klitschko for years until they finally met face to face. Suddenly, the fight was real and these two heavyweight world champions would get it on.

    But Haye decided not to engage and to only run as if Klitschko were a flame rather than a man. Haye threw wild single shots and would immediately run or pretend to "slip" in order to avoid retaliation.

    The poor performance—one that disappointed the millions who tuned in and the thousands who traveled to Germany to the sold-out arena—was blamed on a broken right toe by Haye when asked my reporters.

Floyd Mayweather Goes to Jail for the Summer

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    In a summer of great movies coming out like Brave and The Dark Knight Rises, Floyd Mayweather will have to miss them while they're in theaters as he sits in a jail cell.

    Mayweather is serving an 87-day sentence for pleading guilty to striking his ex-girlfriend during a dispute way back in September 2010.

    That means...

Floyd Mayweather Will Be Without His Fiance for Three Months

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    Miss Jackson (as Mayweather calls her) is his fiance who Floyd Mayweather can't spend time because he's serving jail time.

    This is a fail-all within itself. It's easy to see why Mayweather REALLY had his lawyers beg the judge to have him serve the rest of his sentence on house arrest.

    The judge denied the request and now Mayweather has to serve out the rest of his time. Without his woman.

Hopkins-Dawson Ends in Round 2 Due to a Shoulder Injury

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    Bernard Hopkins was coming off an exciting victory over Jean Pascal which made him the oldest fighter to win a world title at age 46.

    Hopkins was the king of the light heavyweight division until Chad Dawson came along. The fight was not heavily anticipated, but still concerned two big names of the sport.

    Everything started off well until the second round when Dawson lifted Hopkins up and threw him to the ground during a tussle.

    Hopkins injured his shoulder and the fight was originally awarded to Dawson by second-round TKO without landing a finishing blow.

    The boxing commission eventually overturned the win and made it a no-contest, but the fans who paid money and for the pay-per-view were butt-out of their hard-earned cash.

    That way, Hopkins could keep his belt until Dawson beat him for it legitimately in the April 28 rematch this year.

Arthur Abraham Knocks out Andre Dirrell While He's on the Canvas

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    Arthur Abraham was experiencing what was quickly becoming the first loss of his career following an assault by Andre Dirrell on Abraham's defesne as he slipped Abraham's punches.

    Dirrell dropped after sliding around the ring trying to avoid a more aggressive Abraham that knew he was in need of a knockout. Abraham took advantage and swung a hard right han.

    Dirrell was knocked out and trembling. By the rules, Abraham was disqualified in Round 11. Abraham's reputation hasn't recovered from the incident.

    Dirrell has only returned to the ring once in two years since possibly suffering brain damage in that fight. It is unknwon who or when he'll fight next.

    Dirrell is still fighting to get back in the ring.

Manny Pacquiao Nearly Blinds Antonio Margarito in His Right Eye

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    Antonio Margarito's face was broken against Manny Pacquiao. He had something to prove after being accused of cheating for getting caught with plaster in his gloves before a fight with Shane Mosley.

    Margarito sought to prove his toughness was not fake. He proved it, but at the cost of his right eye. Pacquiao pounded on him so bad, Margarito's eye was closed shut by the end of the final round.

    Pacquiao implored the referee to stop the fight, but he just let the massacre continue. The referee should've shut this parade down. Though Margarito survived 12 rounds, his eye became severely damaged.

    Margarito's damaged eye came unraveled in his last fight, a rematch with Miguel Cotto and that would prove to be his last match as he had to retire due to his injuries.

    It's okay to be a tough, but sometimes a corner should go against the fighter's inner toughness to stop the fight. Margarito's trainer Robert Garcia could've and should've thrown in the towel.

Andrew Golota Goes for the Riddick Bowe's Crown Jewels

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    Riddick Bowe was almost losing the fight to Andrew Golota if not for Golota's penchant for lowblows. The referee had already warned Golota numerous times and taken points away before the infamous Round 7.

    In Round 7, Golota sent Bowe to the canvas with a lowblow toward the end of Round 7. The referee stopped the fight and disqualified Golota.

    Members of Bowe's crew jumped in with walkie talkies and hit Golota in the back of the head. Golota's ancient trainer, Lou Duva, was laid out and had to be taken away in a stretcher.

    There were many who were injured as beer bottles flew, as well as fists, in one of the ugliest scenes to ever take place at the Madison Square Garden.