Chad Ochocinco: Game-by-Game Stat Predictions for Miami Dolphins WR

Devin Noonan@@devinnoonanCorrespondent IIIJune 19, 2012

Chad Ochocinco: Game-by-Game Stat Predictions for Miami Dolphins WR

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    The Miami Dolphins have given Chad Ochocinco the opportunity of a lifetime.

    One of the NFL's most intriguing players now has a chance to revive his career on a team that lacks a clear-cut No. 1 wide receiver.

    His brief stint with the New England Patriots was a complete bust, and many people believe that his career is officially done for.

    Well I've got news for you. Ochocinco's career is far from over.

    As long as one of the Dolphins quarterbacks can step up and have a decent season, Ochocinco will be mentioned once more among the top wide receivers in the game.

    Here's an in-depth look at his projected production for the upcoming NFL season, game-by-game.

Week 1: At Houston Texans

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    The Houston Texans were the No. 2-ranked defense in the NFL last season.

    Allowing just 189.7 passing yards per game, this will not be the best of teams for Chad Ochocinco to start his comeback against.

    Prediction: Three Receptions, 28 Yards

Week 2: Oakland Raiders

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    The Oakland Raiders, after losing Nnamdi Asomugha, were toward the bottom of the league in pass defense last season.

    With a new defensive scheme in 2012 and a few new additions at cornerback in Ron Bartell and Shawntae Spencer, the team should perform better.

    This early in the season, I still don't expect them to fully click quite yet.

    Prediction: Five Receptions, 76 Yards

Week 3: New York Jets

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    The division rival New York Jets will venture to Miami for an early-season showdown.

    After adding Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell this offseason, the Jets secondary is just too good.

    Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie will keep Ochocinco in check while delivering a blow to his ego.

    Prediction: Two Receptions, 17 Yards

Week 4: At Arizona Cardinals

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    The Arizona Cardinals ranked among the middle of the pack in 2011 in pass defense.

    Patrick Peterson now has a year under his belt, and they added Jamell Fleming from Oklahoma in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft.

    The return of Greg Toler from injury will be their biggest boost in the secondary, but Chad Ochocinco will still have his best game of the year so far.

    Prediction: Six Receptions, 88 Yards, One TD

Week 5: At Cincinnati Bengals

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    The Cincinnati Bengals will finally get a taste of what it's like to go head-to-head with their former star receiver as he returns to his old stomping grounds.

    Their secondary is good, especially with the offseason additions of Terrence Newman and first-round draft pick Dre Kirkpatrick from Alabama.

    Ochocinco will finally be comfortable with the new offense and new quarterback and will put up decent numbers nonetheless.

    Prediction: Five Receptions, 79 Yards, One TD

Week 6: St. Louis Rams

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    The St. Louis Rams weren't bad statistically when it came to pass defense last season.

    But that's mainly because of their division's weak passing attack in 2011 and the fact that they allowed more than 150 yards per game on the ground.

    Their secondary will have a totally different look this year, with Bradley Fletcher and Tyrone Murphy returning from injury.

    The new additions of Cortland Finnegan and draft picks Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson will add some much-needed talent and depth as well.

    Prediction: Five Receptions, 64 Yards

Week 8: At New York Jets

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    Darrelle Revis and company return home for their second meeting of the season.

    Luckily for Ochocinco, the Dolphins are coming fresh off of a bye week.

    Revis Island is still a place that no top receiver wants to visit, although Ochocinco will improve on his numbers from their first matchup.

    Prediction: Four Receptions, 54 Yards

Week 9: At Indianapolis Colts

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    The Dolphins head indoors to face a team that ranked No. 24 in the league in total defense last season.

    Reggie Bush will run all over them, while the Dolphins' passing attack with be meshing as well.

    An excellent opportunity for Chad Ochocinco to put up some big numbers as he breaks 100 yards for the first time this year.

    Prediction: Eight Receptions, 117 Yards, One TD

Week 10: Tennessee Titans

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    All eyes will be on the duel between running backs Reggie Bush and Chris Johnson.

    With both teams focusing their defensive strategies around the run, look for Ochocinco to have a nice day against a decent secondary that will still be hurting from their loss of Cortland Finnegan.

    Prediction: Seven Receptions, 102 Yards, One TD

Week 11: At Buffalo Bills

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    Once November hits, Buffalo is one of those cities you want to stay far away from.

    Reggie Bush had a field day against Buffalo at home last year, rushing for more than 200 yards and a score.

    Don't think that the Bills have forgotten.

    Expect Ochocinco to see a few plays through the air that will ultimately make it a successful trip up north.

    Prediction: Four Receptions, 68 Yards, One TD

Week 12: Seattle Seahawks

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    Coach Pete Carroll prides himself on solid defensive performance.

    Seattle received excellent play from their secondary last season, and not much will change in 2012.

    Expect a not-so-great outing from Ochocinco when the Seahawks come to town.

    Prediction: Three Receptions, 41 Yards

Week 13: New England Patriots

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    If you thought Ochocinco's return to Cincinnati was a big game, here's the first of two which will certainly be bigger.

    The New England Patriots are coming to town for what is sure to be an epic battle.

    The Patriots ranked No. 31 in pass defense last season and hope that the additions of Will Allen and Maurquice Cole at cornerback will help solve their struggles.

    Ochocinco will look to prove to Bill Belichick and company that he still can play as he shreds through the mediocre Patriots secondary.

    Prediction: Nine Receptions, 126 Yards, One TD

Week 14: At San Francisco 49ers

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    Nobody wants to play the 49ers at home this late in the season.

    You can expect Jim Harbaugh's crew to be fine-tuned and operating to the best of their ability by this time of year.

    The excellent 49ers secondary led by Carlos Rogers and Dashon Goldson will give Ochocinco all he can handle.

    Prediction: Three Receptions, 37 Yards

Week 15: Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars will mosey over to Miami to take on their intrastate rival.

    Jacksonville's defense was their only bright spot last season, although how can it not be when your offense ranks dead last in the NFL?

    Still not spectacular in the secondary, Chad Ochocinco will have another decent day at home.

    Prediction: Six Receptions, 89 Yards

Week 16: Buffalo Bills

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    The second matchup of the year for these two teams should prove to be a bit warmer than the last.

    The air attack will be at full force as Reggie Bush continues to cause trouble for Buffalo from all different angles.

    Despite Mario Williams' pressure up front, it's Christmas come early for Chad Ochocinco.

    Prediction: Seven Receptions, 98 yards, One TD

Week 17: At New England Patriots

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    What more could a man ask for?

    The very last week of the regular season the Miami Dolphins will make their way up to New England to take on last year's Super Bowl runner-up.

    As is the case with Buffalo this late in the season, weather will certainly be a major factor on how each team plans their offensive attack.

    Ochocinco will find this meeting rewarding as he propels the Miami Dolphins into the playoffs with another strong performance—for the conditions, that is.

    Prediction: Five Receptions, 68 yards, One TD

Season Recap

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    I know what you're probably thinking.

    These are some bold predictions for a man who only recorded 15 receptions all of last season.

    But Ochocinco hasn't lost it yet.

    His hard work this offseason and a brand new offense will provide for a very impressive year from the former superstar.

    Predicted Season Statistics: 82 Receptions, 1,152 Yards, 14.1 Avg/Rec, Eight TDs