Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIJune 19, 2012

Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

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    Zack Ryder was not on Raw even though it was in Long Island. Another one bites the dust.

    Tonight, we witnessed Cyndi Lauper, Wendi Richter and the demise of Big Johnny.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the top questions going forward. These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have at it?

Who Will Be the Next General Manager?

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    It’s that time once again, wrestling fans. The WWE needs another general manager yet again.

    Since the Big Show lost last night at No Way Out, John Laurinaitis was fired immediately as per the stipulations of the match. Tonight Big Johnny gave his farewell address to the WWE Universe.

    With Laurinaitis out of the picture, we must look forward to who will be the next general manager of Raw and Smackdown.

    The obvious names come to mind: Teddy Long, Mick Foley, Stephanie McMahon, etc. Tonight Foley even said that the Board of Directors are seeking a replacement. If you feel as I do, then you are ready for the WWE to just eliminate the GM position entirely.

    Obviously we will have to see what direction the WWE goes in the upcoming weeks. However, it is never too early to speculate on the Internet.

    Who do you believe will be the next GM of Raw? Does it even matter who it is?

Should Dolph Ziggler Go Solo?

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    Everyone seems to be ready for Dolph Ziggler to move on from Vicki Guerrero except the WWE Creative team.

    Ziggler had a lot of fan support tonight as he fought Jack Swagger in a match that was made since the two were vying for Guerrero’s attention. Ziggler won the match and I honestly believed something special was going to happen. I thought he was going to push Vicki away and turn face.

    I was wrong. At least for now.

    Ziggler looks like a main event talent and he even has been in main event matches, but he still just feels like a wasted talent drowning in the mid card. The man has drawn comparisons to Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, and although I do not agree with those comparisons, I at least recognize that he has ability.

    I would like my readers to make the case for or against Dolph Ziggler ever being one of the top guys in the company. Is he a future WWE champion?

Do You Want to See Brock Lesnar Fight Triple H?

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    Despite the segment involving Paul Heyman tonight, Triple H is correct in saying that Brock Lesnar will face him at SummerSlam. The match is inevitable, so we might as well just assume that it is going to happen.

    The question is, do you want to even see it?

    Lesnar came back to the WWE and immediately lost a match to John Cena. Am I to assume that Brock Lesnar will come back a few months later only to lose to Triple H as well?

    No matter who wins, it does not matter. There will be no true storyline or after match despite the winner because the WWE is just throwing big names together at the major PPVs in an effort to drum up buy rates. This is starting to become an alarming trend.

    I am sure some fans will tell me to “just let the story play out,” and I obviously will. However, as fans we always look ahead and ask questions. They may very well have an excellent match at SummerSlam, but in the end Brock Lesnar and Triple H are part-time wrestlers.

    Are you looking forward to this match?

Is the WWE Title Picture Still Intriguing?

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    Before last night I thought the WWE title picture was the most interesting storyline the WWE had going.

    After tonight, I am not so sure.

    CM Punk won last night and has cemented that there is really no one left to challenge him. In a surprise move he teamed with Sheamus tonight on Raw and faced Daniel Bryan and Kane, the two men he defeated last night.

    During the match AJ came out wearing Kane’s attire. This prompted Kane to leave the match and Daniel Bryan to lose against Punk and Sheamus alone.

    I believe AJ went from fascinating to asinine in a span of 24 hours. Her erratic behavior had fans guessing as Kane, Punk and Bryan were all fighting for the WWE title. With Punk winning the match, I no longer seem to care about her role in the WWE anymore.

    A lot of fans, myself included, love CM Punk—but we love unpredictability even more. Punk has beat Bryan twice, so there is no reason to see them face off again. Kane has been inconsistent all year, and I doubt he could drum up interest by feuding with Punk alone.

    So what is next for CM Punk and the WWE title picture?

    My guess? I think Big Show goes for Punk's title.

What Is Next for John Cena?

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    The question is so funny at face value. John Cena is the face of the company and I am asking what will be next for him?

    Cena has not held the WWE title in nine months, but the WWE has continued to invent meaningless feuds for him to main event in. With John Laurinaitis fired and the Big Show seeming not to care about Cena, what is Cena to do?

    Is it possible that the WWE’s “underdog” 12-time champion participate in the Money in the Bank match?

    You have to admit that if Cena was in the match, it would be exciting. Cena ridiculed Alberto Del Rio for cashing in his briefcase, and I would find it quite ironic to see Cena vying for that very same briefcase next month.

    The other possibility would be for the WWE to have Cena feud with another random opponent for a month or so.

    What would like to see John Cena do going forward?

    Let me know below in the comment section and make sure to list the questions that came out of Raw for you. Also remember to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

    Keep it classic everyone!