WWE Opinion: 4 Reasons for Christian and His Coalition to Be Hopeful

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIJune 19, 2012

WWE Opinion: 4 Reasons for Christian and His Coalition to Be Hopeful

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    Recently I posted an article that was a tribute to Christian/Christian Cage.

    I wrote it to honor Christian's past in light of his possible induction into the TNA Hall of Fame. When that didn’t happen, I was even happier to have written the piece (especially because I believed that Christian’s best days may well be behind him).

    I have since seen signs that WWE may have use for Christian just yet.

    It is a tricky thing—having hope for Christian. It is an investment I don’t recommend anyone take lightly, because it can be frustrating and difficult when it doesn’t pan out.

    But for all of us who have hoped since 2005, what is one more time?

New Charisma

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    There are only a handful of wrestling T-shirts in my closet. One of them is a Captain Charisma T-shirt.

    Recently there was an unveiling of a new Christian T-shirt, and it is one that points to the best of Christian.

    LordsofPain.net posted an image and you can view the front and back here.

    The front has the number 212 and the letters CH. It also has the word Charisma. On the back it reads Vital Element.

    It is always good to see a wrestler get a new T-shirt, but it’s better when it points to a wrestler’s true qualities.

    Charisma is a vital element, and it is one that Christian has in plenty.

    It is good to see WWE not only acknowledge that but play to it.

    I have been worried that the older, baby-face Christian was one that would have to suppress his charisma. Lately he seems to have been doing work with little story.

    But in the last week he has received more than a new T-shirt; he has received a story as well.

A New Story and a New Move

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    It happened so quickly I didn’t think it mattered. On SmackDown, Christian mentioned, almost in passing, that he became more humble because he inducted his best friend Edge. He wanted to be remembered like his friend.


    Baby-face Christian had some backstory.

    I thought it might have been a once-mentioned matter, but It was repeated again at No Way Out.

    And after Christian hit the Kill Switch and missed the frog splash, I assumed his much talked about shoulder injury would cost him the match with Cody Rhodes.

    But Christian tried and hit the spear.

    He won the match with the finisher of his best friend—the one whose moment in history made him want to claim his.

    It is a small thing, but it is the type of forward-leaning incident that might lead to something down the line.

    And beyond the finish to the match, there was the actual match.

The Christian-Cody Clinic

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    To say that a Christian match was good is like saying WWE had RAW on Monday night. It is the obvious thing at this point.

    But the match at No Way Out went beyond the usual good to very good match that Christian delivers.

    Christian and Cody Rhodes wrestled like it was their millionth match together, but they also wrestled like it was their first match.

    The timing was wonderful and the back-and-forth was memorable.

    At one point, Christian had Cody Rhodes on the floor, and he jumped over the top rope and landed on the apron. Cody Rhodes tried to take his legs out from under him, but Christian jump roped over him. When he landed, however, Cody Rhodes swiped him from behind.

    On the outside as well, Christian delivered one of the sickest DDTs I’ve seen, propelling himself off the ring steps.

    The match went back and forth and I was not sure who would win the battle.

    Cody Rhodes deserves a world of credit as the young talent he is. He may be the sleeper superstar who breaks out most over time.

    And Christian?

    He wrestled like a man who is still trying to be the absolute best at his craft. He wrestled like a man who is going places.

    And it’s not as if he’s not somewhere at this point.

IC Title and Beyond

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    A statement you have probably heard so many times that you skip the words when you see them: The tag team and Intercontinental titles are not what they used to be.

    I can’t say one way or the other about the tag team titles, but between Cody Rhodes and now Christian, the Intercontinental title is alive and well.

    The look is refined (the old-new championship), and the wrestlers who are holding the championship are giving the top Champions a run for their money.

    I was live in Raleigh, North Carolina when Christian won the Intercontinental Championship.

    I honestly didn’t know what to think. He seemed to start the battle royal as a heel and switch unceremoniously throughout the night.

    It was a quiet win.

    But it is Christian’s way, I have learned, to take a little and make a lot.

    He does it slowly and he does it surely.

    He does it with the championship he is given; he does it with charisma, his vital element; he does it with classic matches.

    Christian has the opportunity to rebuild his brand with the Intercontinental Title while building the credibility of the Intercontinental Title as well.

    That is called a win-win.

    And where he goes from there?

    Christian still has the ability to make a run, and WWE seems to not be ruling it out. With the talent that comes and goes, Christian takes all the opportunities he's given when they come to him.

    And one day he will more than likely stand on the stage where he inducted Edge, and Edge will more than likely be inducting him.

    I can tell you that moment should and will most likely happen, but I can't tell you what the stat list will be on Christian at that time.

    I can only tell you I will continue to hope for him and be entertained by him along the way.

    And that I am more hopeful today than I was a week ago at this time.