NFL Rookies Rank College Football's Nastiest Fans

NFL Draft 365Official AccountJune 18, 2012

When it comes to Saturday afternoons in the fall, there’s nothing better than watching great college football games. You know fall is in the air when you watch endless pre-game shows, the cheerleaders, the game itself and of course, the fans. 

So, who’s got the meanest and nastiest fans in college football? Every player in every division around the country will tell you their own personal stories. Most incidents are related to extreme consumption of beverages—at least we believe so. 

Some college fans not only abuse opposing players, but also opposing fans (hello Oregon Ducks).

Who can’t love the LSU fans that traditionally yell to their opponents, “Tiger Bait” before each game. Nasty? Maybe. Funny, yes.

Our vote for favorite fan motto goes to the Mountaineer fans of West Virginia, whose motto is, “Win or lose, we still booze.”

Check out the video above, where some of the top draft picks from the 2012 class discuss who they think are college football’s meanest and nastiest fans. 

We’d love to hear where you think would be the worst place to play as an opponent.