Is UNLV School Spirit in a Recession?

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Is UNLV School Spirit in a Recession?

Rebelution? What does that mean? Is this the new wave of UNLV basketball or a catchy slogan to sell seats?

A revolution is a turnaround or a change in power. How is that what we are doing this year? I have been to almost every home game the Runnin' Rebels have had this season, and I have yet to see change. 

I know that it is a sport and the team will have its ups and downs. This is not what I am referring to.

We as fans are not doing our fair share. We do not go crazy at games at all. 

Now to clarify we do have that loud obnoxious guy that yells profanities at the players that could kill him in one punch. We still have the sororities with their cute little signs. Of course we also have the guy who thinks he knows everything the team should do. One of them is a self-proclaimed "basketball god" who could make the team if he wanted, or so he says. (I think he owes me money—wait, back to the point.) 

But aside from these people, there is little following in the sport. We show up, we buy our overpriced food, and we sit there. Our student section can get modestly loud at times, but mainly when the team is on fire. I have yet to see us cheer when the team really needs it. 

Going to college basketball games should be a life experience every single time. I found myself yesterday wanting to go to the game more for the popcorn than the experience. I love the games, watching them and cheering for them, but the idea of being one with the crowd can be even better.

Who knows why the spirit is in recession? I mean, there is no way that it's connected to the real recession, is it? (Does Spirit = Money?) This cannot be the reason; we are just another school fanbase-wise. 

We do a version of the Seminole Chop, a highly overused hand gesture in which the fans basically gesture a first down in sync with music. We get free shirts with advertisements on the back, and sometimes we get towels. (I missed that night; curse Criminal Justice 104.) 

These little things make us another run of the mill college. Why can't we have an original hand gesture? There is no limit to what we can do with our hands in appreciation of our team. Just a few ideas off the top of my head: the Thunder Clap, the John Cena hand moving in front of the face gesture, or maybe the team predetermines someone that everyone in the stands points at during the game. 

How about instead of giving us towels and shirts (even though I love them, especially when I forget to do my laundry) we hand out premade banners with advertisements on the back? This would let us show our pride without hitting people in the eyes with towels.

Then there is the name of the stadium. Thomas and Mack Center is an amazing facility, but we need a nickname. What about Elvis's Crown or the Sinner's Palace? These names would remind people that they are in Las Vegas and that we mean business. 

I am aware that almost no one will read this and that no one from UNLV will ever read this, but if I can even get someone at some school to change their ways, then this article was not for nothing. If by any chance someone from UNLV does read this, stop by and say hey and help me make the real Rebelution begin. 

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