Phoenix Coyotes 2009 Trade Deadline Preview

Cameron PaulCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

The trade deadline of March 4 is fast approaching. The question is, are the Phoenix Coyotes buyers or sellers? If they continue to play as poorly as they have recently, they will definitely be sellers come the deadline. The Coyotes have a few great players who may be available for a team ready to make an impact in the playoffs.

Players Available

Derek Morris

The Coyotes would love to keep Morris because he is one of their top defenders and he is a good leader on a young Coyotes team.  It is these same reasons why it’s in the Coyotes best interest to trade him.  He can bring in a great return from playoff bound teams looking to improve their defense. If the Coyotes do plan on keeping him they most likely want to work out a contract for him as he is an UFA come end of the season.

Steven Reinprecht

Reinprecht is another pending UFA who should attract considerable interest from playoff caliber teams.  Throughout his career he has shown he can be a consistent 40 plus point scorer. So far this season until a shoulder injury sidelined, him he was on pace for a career year. He has recorded 29 points in 49 games. He is a great player for teams looking for depth in center position as he is a very capable second or third line centerman.

Mikael Tellqvist

Tellqvist is a solid, dependable backup goaltender. The problem is I don’t think there are a lot of teams looking for goaltenders right now, especially backup ones.  I think if a team really wanted a goalie come the deadline there are better options available.

Possibly Available

Olli Jokinen

Recently there have been a lot of rumors going around that Jokinen is available. The most current rumor is him going to Montreal. Although Jokinen would get a great deal of interest from many teams, I think it’s too early to trade him. The Coyotes traded arguably one of their best defenseman in Keith Ballard to get Jokinen in the offseason. He has only played half a season. It sort of seems a waste of trade by giving up on him so early.

Even though Jokinen isn’t producing as much as people would like, I still don’t think the Coyotes management should deal him. Unless there is an offer on the table that is too good to refuse I think Jokinen deserves more time to prove himself.

If come next year’s deadline and Jokinen is in the same situation then it is time to deal him especially since he will be a UFA after next season. I fully expect Jokinen to turn it on for the rest of this and next season.

Ed Jovanovski

There are a couple of reasons why Jovanovski is hard to trade. First and foremost he has a no trade clause. I have a feeling he doesn’t want to move anywhere. Second if does allow a trade to happen he carries a huge contract with him. He is currently making 6.5 million through the 2010-11 season. I also so think he is just too valuable to the team to trade away without getting another proven NHL defenseman.

Not Available

Shane Doan

Doan like Jovanovski has a not trade clause but in this case there is no way he is waiving it. The Phoenix Coyotes are Doan’s only team he has ever played for and don’t see that changing for the rest of his career. He is the heart and soul of this team. If Doan was to go it would have been a couple of years ago before he signed a contract extension with the Coyotes. 

Ilya Bryzgalov

Although he has battled inconsistency this season he still remains one of the top players on the Coyotes. Without him this year the Coyotes would have been even worse. There has been games where he could of played better but most of the time this season it has more about lack of scoring then preventing them.

Other unavailable players: Peter Mueller, Kyle Turris, Keith Yandle, Mikkel Boedker, Martin Hanzal

If the Coyotes are Buyers

If the Coyotes can somehow string a few wins together and become buyers come the trade deadline, don’t expect them to be much of a buyer. General Manager Don Maloney already stated earlier in the season that they would only trade for players that are equal in both age and contract wise. Another possibility is acquiring another depth defenseman for a low draft pick.