NBA Draft 2012: Anthony Davis and Players Who Are Too Risky to Be Lottery Picks

Amit BatraCorrespondent IIIJune 18, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: Anthony Davis and Players Who Are Too Risky to Be Lottery Picks

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    There are some players in this upcoming NBA Draft that are risky to go for at such a high pick.  The New Orleans Hornets are most likely going to select Kentucky's Anthony Davis as the No. 1 pick in this year's draft.  As a freshman, this is a risky pick with the likes of junior Thomas Robinson available. 

    There's a large amount of potential in this draft, but with this potential also comes a lot of risk.  A good amount of the top 10 picks on this mock draft happen to be coming off of their freshman year. 

    Yes, Kyrie Irving did it with an injury and has still succeeded in the NBA.  Nevertheless, it is a high risk to put a team's future under the control of these young players.

    Here's a look at some players who are a bit too risky to be picked as high as the draft projections suggest.

Andre Drummond

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    The center out of Connecticut will be a high risk/high reward type of guy.  Drummond has the potential to be great in the NBA, but he can also be a Greg Oden type of player. 

    While Drummond is projected to go sixth in the draft to the Portland Trailblazers, he will be a risky pick coming off his freshman year.  He's young, but obviously very talented. 

    His build is one of a very athletic power forward.  Drummond rebounded and attacked the glass as well as anyone in all of college basketball last season.  His post-up game improved as the season went on, and he was a key factor for Jim Calhoun's Huskies. 

    Is he a top 10 pick?  Well, that is to be decided after we see some more out of him.  However, the kid has a tremendous amount of talent and can be one of the better rookies in the league. 

    In his first season at Storrs, Conn., Drummond averaged 10.2 points per game, 7.7 rebounds per game and a little under three blocks per game. 

    He also shot above 50 percent from the field.  Drummond can obviously play, but is he worth going that high in the draft?  It's a bit risky if you ask me. 

Perry Jones

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    Perry Jones out of Baylor is another high risk type of guy.  He's projected to go as a top 15 pick, but is he worthy of that high a spot? 

    The sophomore was a big part of Baylor and its recent success.  He's a guy who averaged 14 points per game and a little under eight rebounds per game. 

    There's a lot of athleticism that Jones brings, but at times he doesn't play his game.  In all honesty, he could be a bust in the NBA, but could also prove doubters wrong and be a productive player in the league. 

Fab Melo

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    Fab Melo out of Syracuse is a complete beast on the defensive side of the ball.  He has a great shot-blocking ability, rebounding ability and tremendous height.  He will be looked at by many teams that are in desperate need of a center.

    Melo should be considered a first-round pick.  The problem with Melo is his offensive.  He doesn't have a great post-up game which is something that the center will need to work on.

    On the defensive side, Melo is not someone to take lightly.  With a 7'0 build, he has the ability to block any guard or center that comes his way. 

    With Melo, the key will be to learn different plays.  At times, he did have problems with Jim Boeheim's zone defense.  If he's to be an effective player in this league, Melo will be a work-in-progress. 

Jared Sullinger

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    Sullinger out of Ohio State is a player with a tremendous amount of potential.  Surprisingly enough, the problem with him is his build. 

    The Buckeye has a great post-up game and rebounding ability.  He has a very good knowledge of the game, but his lack of size and athleticism could be a problem in the league. 

    He was a big part in the Final Four run, but for the NBA, his lack of strength and athleticism is concerning.  He won't be able to dominate a game at the NBA level. 

Quincy Miller

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    Quincy Miller has the potential to be a good role player in the NBA.  However, he could also turn out to be a bust.  He has athleticism and rebounding ability.  Most of his points will come in the paint. 

    If Miller builds a more offensive game, he can be a serious threat in the NBA.  He has a good paint game, but against the likes of NBA forwards, Miller won't get the easy baskets he got at Baylor.

    He's a tough kid defensively.  However, on the offensive side of things, I would like him to develop a jump shot.  Miller gets most of his baskets through dunks and getting rebounds.  He doesn't have the game to attack the rim or hit the jump shot. 

    That's not saying he can't hit an open 3-point shot.  He's more than capable of that. But he relies too much on driving to the paint to get baskets. 

    Miller has potential, but is he worth a first-round pick?