LaDainian Tomlinson Retires: Is LT a Top-10 RB in NFL History?

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIIJune 18, 2012

If you've played any fantasy football over the last decade, you've certainly evaluated the value of LaDainian Tomlinson at the beginning of each NFL season. But with the TCU product formally announcing his retirement today, have you given any thought to where he ranks on the NFL's all-time list for running backs? 

In terms of yardage, Tomlinson ranks fifth all-time in rushing yardage (13,684) and total yards from scrimmage (18,456). The only back with more touchdowns than LT (162) is Emmitt Smith (175). Tomlinson's production for his NFL teams (and fantasy teams of the fans who owned him) is unmatched for his era.

And honestly, Tomlinson was the guy for a lot of us who really got into fantasy football in the mid-aughts. It was a simpler time, before the majority of teams went to running-backs-by-committee. For several years, any Average Joe who was gifted the No. 1 pick in his league had the easy decision to take LT first off the board. 

But which legendary running back would you bump off your all-time top 10 to make room for this guy? Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Jim Brown and Marshall Faulk all rank behind Tomlinson in career yardage (keep in mind that Brown only played nine NFL seasons), and other legends like Marcus Allen, Thurman Thomas and O.J. Simpson rank well behind him. If LT makes the list, which player is left off? 

NFC North Lead Blogger Andrew Garda and I kick this can in our latest NFL debate. Check out our video above and leave us your all-time Top 10 in the comments section. As always, thanks for watching.