Compared To Manning, Brady, and The Rest....... Big Ben Is The Best

Big DangleContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

I hear stats thrown around all of the time rating the league's best quarterbacks. The list usually consists of Brady, then Peyton, then Eli or Brees, etc... Seldom do you see Ben Roethlisberger listed even in the top 5. When you look at all of the fancy numbers, its easy to understand why. Ben has never thrown 50 touchdowns like Tom Brady has. His quarterback rating is not always that impressive. In fact, he gets sacked more than any other quarterback in the league, and that's exactly what I love about him. This guy is as tough as nails. A perfect fit for a Steelers team which prides itself on toughness. Not many style points on his resume, but look what he has accomplished in such a short time. In his rookie season, he led Pittsburgh to the AFC Championship game, finishing 15 and 1. In only his second year, he became the youngest quarterback to ever win a Superbowl. He made it to the playoffs again in his fourth season, and we all know how he did this year. All of this while running for his life most of the time due to lack of protection and being plagued with injuries. The fact that he plays the Baltimore Ravens twice a year (three times this year), Doesn't make his life any easier either. No other quarterback can make plays under pressure like he does. The very fact that he was able to win the Superbowl behind one of the most criticized offensive lines in the league this year is amazing. Especially in such a poetic fashion. The game winning pass to Santonio Holmes was a sight to see. To top it off, it was just learned  that he played through the Superbowl with broken ribs. So, Which quarterback would I prefer to have on my team? If I was building a team around someone then I'd take Peyton Manning or Brady, but for the Steelers, I wouldn't trade Ben for anyone. When plays break down, Peyton and Tom throw it away. They don't scramble well at all. Usually they don't have to, but plays break down alot for the Steelers and, when they do Ben gets it done one way or another.