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20 Sports WAGs You Must Follow on Twitter

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 9, 2017

20 Sports WAGs You Must Follow on Twitter

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    Twitter is a vast world, and sometimes, it's difficult to figure out who to follow. You don't want someone who posts ridiculous nonsense around the clock and pictures of empty plates of food. Nor do you want to follow some dud that updates their page every three months with information you could not possible care less about. 

    WAGs can be particularly hit-or-miss in this department. Anna Benson, for example, has been one of the most well-known outspoken and uncomfortably forward WAGs  for years, and she really brought the crazy on Baseball Wives. But her Twitter page hasn't been updated for months, her photos were all boring and her tweets read like a self-help book—and a bad one at that. 

    But there are plenty of WAGs out there worth following. Some for the standard sexy photo galleries and never ending incoming Instagrams. Others are sexy, but also pretty entertaining—and some are surprisingly funny. 

    Here are 20 WAGs worth following on Twitter. 

20. Kelly Brook

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    English model-turned-actress Kelly Brook has been linked to rugby players Thom Evans and Danny Cipriani in recent years. Brook is actually still involved with Thom Evans, who is now moonlighting as a male model. 

    Brook is a good follow on Twitter because of the dramatic difference between her ridiculously glamour life as a model and her relatively regular existence at home. It's hard to believe that a girl who looks like that could be just a regular girl. 

    Brook tweets regularly, but nothing too exciting, though. But it's entertaining to live vicariously through her every now and again.

19. Lauren Tannehill

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    Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Dolphins newbie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, has recently become the biggest thing in the NFL. Well, Mrs. Tannehill is an aspiring model and has recently increased her social media presence on Twitter. 

    I'm not going to lie; her actual tweets are beyond boring—mostly family, religion or television-oriented. But if you're a fan of the NFL's current "It WAG," her photos give you a glimpse into the interesting life of these two. 

18. Imogen Thomas

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    I've been trying to find WAGs who have a little more to offer than a killer bikini body, but I know there are plenty of you out there whose main concern is a killer bikini body. Hence, I bring you England's premiere mistress Imogen Thomas. 

    Thomas has a thing for married footballers and posting scantily-clad pictures of herself on Twitter—along with pics of shoes, jewelry and other items you'd expect a woman like this to covet. 

    Her tweets are generally boring, vapid and completely inane. But there was a recent hilarious exception:

    @Imogen_Thomas: Just got to my hotel and there's owls everywhere! So creepy x 

17. Kendra Wilkinson

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    I've never been a big fan of Hugh Hefner's former plaything, Kendra Wilkinson. But clearly, there are some people out there who like her, and she definitely has the…uh…physical attributes most men find desirable. 

    Although, considering I recently saw a preview for her new show where she runs around topless (but wearing sweat pants) in a field full of people for seemingly no reason, her pictures are surprisingly tame on Twitter. 

    But Wilkinson is famous for saying dumb things all the time and for just being dumb in general. Her tweets tend to reflect that, which can be amusing. For a while. 

16. Jackie Christie

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    Jackie Christie, the wife of retired basketball player Doug Christie, has long been known as one of the wackier WAGs in sports. She was said to have been extremely controlling of Doug during his playing days—even making him change in his own separate locker room to keep women away from him. 

    The March announcement that the couple were going into the porn business together was just another weirdo event in their weirdo lives. Jackie is one of the stars of Basketball Wives LA, so she keeps her tweets pretty tame—as most of those ladies do—despite the craziness they display on TV. 

    But you really never know when something crazy is gonna happen with this broad, and her pictures are pretty random and funny. This picture of Jackie and Doug made following her all worthwhile. 

15. Abbey Clancy

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    This might be just a matter of personal preference, but I think English model and television presenter Abbey Clancy is one of the hottest broads on the planet. I was kind of surprised to find her on Twitter and updating it on the regular. 

    Naturally, her photos are a treat to look at, but that's nothing new. Lots of her tweets are pretty generic, but she manages something absolutely ridiculous every now and again that makes her worth the follow. For example:

    @OfficialClancy: Can't listen to George Micheal now without thinking of king dong !!!! C

14. Zahia Dehar

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    French model Zahia Dehar is a former underaged call girl who has had affairs with her fair share of footballers. In fact, she's been with a lot of people's fair share of footballers. 

    Dehar has given up the escort business in favor of a successful modeling career. Her tweets are all in French, although I suspect we aren't missing all that much in terms of content. 

    But her pictures are really worth keeping up with. Even though Dehar only posts on occasion, she rarely disappoints. 

13. Jessie James

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    Singer Jessie James ditched Dolphins running back Reggie Bush for Broncos wide receiver Erick Decker back in November, 2011. This was really the first I've heard of her, but I'm sure dating high-profile NFL players isn't hurting her singing career. 

    James is a decent follow on Twitter. She updates pretty much around the clock, but it's mostly about her music or her recent engagement to Decker. James has a lot of hot photos, but even more closeups of her smooching her man. 

12. Gemma Atkinson

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    British beauty Gemma Atkinson has put her career as a busty bikini model and WAG behind her for legitimate career as an actress. But Atkinson, best known for an affair is with Cristiano Ronaldo, is still one of our all-time favorite WAGs. 

    I was actually surprised to find her on Twitter and posting regularly. Atkinson's tweets are occasionally funny and often entertaining—but I could do with a little less information on her caloric intake and exercise routines. 

    Atkinson's got a fun mix of adorable pictures of her dog and hanging with her girlfriends, as well as some sexy photos hanging at the beach or poolside. 

11. Jordana Lenz

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    Generally, I've maintained that Baseball Wives star Jordana Lenz had no business being cast on that show because her brief relationship with the Brewers' Nyjer Morgan seemed like little more than a fling-turned-stalker situation. 

    That being said, my fellow Pittsburgh girl is kinda hot, kinda funny and really nutty. Her pics are all over the place, but usually, they make me laugh…or scratch my head. She also tweets out to her "haters" on the regular—like Jose Canseco—which I love.

10. Eliza Dushku

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    Smoking hot actress Eliza Dushku has been dating retired NBA star Rick Fox for a little over three years. Despite the vast age difference, height difference and rumors that she was cheating on her man with Wally the Green Monster, the two seem to be making it work. 

    Dushku's pictures are absolutely random and usually entertaining, or downright disturbing—which is a fun combination. Although you might not like anything about her if you're vehemently opposed to Boston sports. 

    Her tweets are like most of ours. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes boring and sometimes really irritating. But she's pretty enough to make you forget about the bad. 

9. Danielle Lloyd

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    English glamour model Danielle Lloyd apparently goes by her married name now, Danielle O'Hara. She's married to footballer Jamie O'Hara, who plays midfield for Wolverhampton. Ms. Danielle has been one of England's most buzzed about WAGs for years—known for boozing, brawling and breast implants. 

    She may be a married mother of two now, but she hasn't exactly settled into the life of your typical soccer mom. Like most parents, she tweets mostly about her kids and all of the mundane things they do in a given day. 

    But then she tweets photos like this—on holiday in Portugal. Clearly, it's not impossible to get your body back after a couple of kids. Jeezus.

7. Dallas Latos

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    In case you hadn't heard, the first season of VH1's Baseball Wives was a big dull dud. Anna Benson was on hand to bring the crazy, and she did it well, but it could have benefited from the attitude Dallas Latos, the wife of Reds pitcher Mat Latos. 

    Dallas spends too much time responding to her "haters" on Twitter, which is always hilarious. And she's been known to threaten to delete her account altogether. Most recently, she's taken to busting on Bristol Palin's new reality show—also hilarious. 

    Her pictures aren't all that sexy, but they are pretty entertaining. Dallas, like many awesomely fun girls, loves her booze. Check back for regular updates of what alcoholic beverage she's consuming on a given night.

6. Jaime Edmondson

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    Playboy Playmate and the lady love of Rays star Evan Longoria, Jaime Edmondson is one of the few WAGs I actually follow on Twitter. She posts updates throughout the day, and her pictures are almost always worth a look. 

    And not just bikini pics, which I'm sure you'll enjoy, but fun glimpses into what must be one helluva a fun life. Including lots of lazy pampered pooches. 

5. Tanya Robinson

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    Tanya Robinson is the wife of Scottish footballer Phil Bardsley, who currently plays for Sunderland. Robinson is obviously hot, and some of her pictures reflect that, naturally, but there are plenty of other random pics thrown in for good measure. 

    It's her tweets that are actually more entertaining—she's clearly one of the "cool moms." For example:  

    @TanyaRobinson07: Hungover and rotting in bed with me phil arguing about who's goin downstairs 4 the thai takeaway menu #notme

    @TanyaRobinson07: @trouty81 hmmm that's difficult ur colouring doesn't go wiv much only jagerbombs make your eyes pop haha thanks ben love u lots x

5. Serena Williams

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    Tennis player Serena Williams recently said she's sworn off dating for the next decade, and her recent performances on the court suggest she might be swearing off tennis soon enough as well. But Williams has been romantically linked in the past to athletes including: Corey Maggette, Amar'e Stoudemire and Keyshawn Johnson. 

    Williams' Twitter page suggest that that tennis could e the last thing on her mind these days. Her pics are more fashion-related and show her all over the world in various states of undress. Her tweets are funny because they're mostly warnings like "Do not get testy with me," declarative statements like "I like teddy bears" or just vague things like "You belong with me." 

4. Amber Hartman

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    I'm not sure who, if anyone, "Rangers Superfan" Amber Hartman is dating these days, but back in the summer of 2011 it was Phillies minor-league Pitcher Jarred Cosart. 

    That is until she dumped him via Twitter in July—announcing the pair had decided to go their separate ways. Only Cosart had no idea and suggested, also via Twitter, that Hartman correct her tweet to reflect that it was a one-sided decision of which he was unaware. It really would have looked better without the reply, dude. 

    Anyway, it looks like Hartman is still doing her thing, at least from what I can tell on Twitter. She's hawking calendars, tweeting inane things and continually posting crazy hot photos of her and her crazy hot girlfriends. 

3. Brooklyn Decker

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    It's no secret that model Brooklyn Decker is tennis player Andy Roddick's better half. Much better half. In addition to being one of the most beautiful women in the world, the multi-talented Decker is a budding actress and actually pretty hilarious. 

    Ms. Decker finds time to update her page regularly despite what must be a pretty hectic schedule. Her pics run the gamut, but most of them are absolutely ridiculous—including a few recent ones of her dressed in drag, complete with a creeper mustache. 

    Decker is legit funny and pretty wild. Oh, and she's got an awesome dog. 

2. Rihanna

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    Singer Rihanna is a serial dater who is obviously not ready to be tied down just yet. For awhile, she was dating Dodgers superstar Matt Kemp, but alas, it didn't last. 

    That doesn't mean she's not still one of the most entertaining people on the Twitter machine. Rihanna has been known to go at it with fans and foes alike, and her follow/unfollow saga with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has played out in public. 

    Currently she doesn't have as many ridiculously sexy, or nearly naked, photos as she used to, but they are all still pretty entertaining. Plus, with Rihanna, that can all change in a day. 

1. Amanda McCarthy

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    Amanda McCarthy, wife of Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy, is one feisty broad. She even made some headlines in May for using some spicy language on Twitter to dispute a blown call against the Rangers. Even her Twitter background is a hilarious BluntCard that says, "Lord give me the strength to tolerate this fake b*tch." 

    Her pictures are only mildly entertaining and a lot of shoes and kissy-face stuff, but the occasionally gem slips in. Amanda is definitely cute, she's got a cute dog, she eats tasty looking meals and she drinks like a fish. 

    This is my kinda gal—someone let me know if she's in the market for a new best friend. 

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