College Basketball Recruiting 2013: Top 10 Recruiting Classes Thus Far

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIJune 19, 2012

College Basketball Recruiting 2013: Top 10 Recruiting Classes Thus Far

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    Last month, I ended my rankings of college basketball's recruiting classes of 2012, and this month we start anew with the Class of 2013.

    As the summer begins, the recruiting process picks up for these recruits. These next few months will help to determine which schools become leaders on the shortlists of the best basketball players in the country.

    Many will pick schools before their senior seasons begin, which is why I will be posting updates every month to include the newest recruits.

    With that, let's take a preliminary look at how the college basketball recruiting Class of 2013 is looking right now.

10. BYU Cougars

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    Recruits: 4

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 1

    Top Recruit: SG Nick Emery

    Dave Rose has been busy at BYU, already landing four recruits from the Class of 2013. However, only two are worth noting.

    SG Nick Emery is one of the many talented guards in this class, and he ranks No. 50 according to ESPNU. He heads this class, and he is joined by PF Eric Mika, who missed out on the top 100, but might have made the list of the top 150.

    While Rose is bringing in a lot of recruits, the only one who has the potential to be a stud at the next level is Emery. I could have ranked this class higher because of the number of recruits, but the quality of this class is not as high as it should be.

9. Florida Gators

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    Recruits: 1

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 1

    Top Recruit: PG Kasey Hill

    Billy Donovan might only have one recruit joining him at Florida right now, but when that one recruit is PG Kasey Hill (No. 6 in the country), that's perfectly fine.

    Hill is one of the best players in the Class of 2013, and he is the No. 2 point guard behind Andrew Harrison. Hill is an incredibly fast player who can score or pass well, and he is going to be the next elite guard that Florida produces.

    Florida has had arguably the best backcourt in college basketball for a few years, and Hill will certainly continue that tradition of success with the Gators.

8. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Recruits: 2

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 1

    Top Recruit: SF V.J. Beachem

    This is Notre Dame's first appearance on my list for either recruiting class, but Mike Brey's crew brings in two good recruits early in the process to land at No. 8.

    SF V.J. Beachem tops the class and is ranked No. 66 in the country. He is an offensive weapon who is highly skilled on the wing. He will be a key player for Notre Dame during his time with the Irish, but he won't be alone.

    SG Steve Vasturia joins the class, and while he isn't in the top 100, Brey is high on this kid. We could see Vasturia play major minutes next year as the Irish look to return to success on the national level.

7. Purdue Boilermakers

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    Recruits: 3

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 2

    Top Recruit: SG Kendall Stephens

    The Purdue Boilermakers were on my list for the Class of 2012 in almost every edition, but they fell out of the picture during the last update. However, they return to the list for the Class of 2013.

    With three good recruits, including two in the top 100, the Boilermakers come in at No. 6. Two more shooting guards in Kendall Stephens (No. 64) and Bryson Scott (No. 70) add to the gem of the Class of 2012, SG Rapheal Davis.

    The Boilermakers are going to be loaded at guard in two years, and hopefully a stellar backcourt can keep the team competitive in the Big Ten.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide

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    Recruits: 2

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 2

    Top Recruit: C Jimmie Taylor

    Head coach Anthony Grant has found a way to snag two great big men in a class filled with talented guards.

    C Jimmie Taylor (No. 48) and PF Shannon Hale (No. 100) will help to rebuild Bama's frontcourt in the 2013-14 season.

    In the Class of 2012, the school only landed one player in SF Devonta Pollard, but I consider him to be one of the top three wings in the class. He will be joined in the following season by these two big men, and perhaps another good player or two.

5. Indiana Hoosiers

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    Recruits: 4

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 2

    Top Recruit: SG Stanford Robinson

    Tom Crean has been bringing in recruits by the boatload at Indiana. After inheriting one of the most depleted programs in history, he has brought in 12 recruits over the last three years (including the Class of 2013).

    These four recruits will help to replenish a team that is sure to suffer losses at the end of the season. Indiana is the consensus No. 1 in the preseason poll, and will surely lose a few players to the NBA at the end of the season.

    The five recruits from last year's class that made my list in every edition will be joined by these guys, including SG Stanford Robinson and PF Luke Fischer, both of whom are top 100 recruits.

4. Kansas Jayhawks

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    Recruits: 2

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 2

    Top Recruit: SG Brannen Greene

    Bill Self is one of the best recruiters in college basketball today, and he lives up to expectations with another great start in his 2013 recruiting class.

    Self brings in two great shooting guards—Brannen Greene (No. 34) and Conner Frankamp (No. 72). While Greene may end up playing wing and Frankamp could play as a scoring point guard, these two guys will help the Jayhawks no matter what position they play.

    Greene is an offensive machine who you can expect to play wing, while Frankamp has greatly improved his skill at point guard and could now emerge as a Damian Lillard- or Scott Machado-type player.

    These two will be key in continuing Kansas' stretch of excellence, especially with Big 12 rival Baylor emerging as a national contender.

3. Marquette Golden Eagles

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    Recruits: 3

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 2

    Top Recruit: SF Deonte Burton

    Marquette is a new team to my list, as the Golden Eagles never cracked the list for the Class of 2012. However, an early start for Buzz Williams has them at No. 3 for the Class of 2013.

    Williams brings in SF Deonte Burton (No. 44) and PG Duane Wilson (No. 59). These two will form a great duo for the Eagles, which will be huge for the team.

    This year, Marquette loses its two stars, Darius Johnson-Odom and Jae Crowder. Without them the team will struggle, but having these two recruits join the team will be huge in a few years' time.

2. North Carolina Tar Heels

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    Recruits: 2

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 2

    Top Recruit: PF Isaiah Hicks

    Roy Williams' recruiting has been focused on two aspects over the last few years: point guards and big men. The Class of 2013 epitomizes these needs for Williams.

    PF Isaiah Hicks leads the class, and is ranked No. 10 by ESPN. He is one of the few elite big men in the class, and will be in the Tar Heels' frontcourt in the 2013-14 season. PG Nate Britt is ranked No. 22 in the Class of 2013, and he will continue the long line of talented floor generals under Williams.

    Hicks is going to be an immediate starter for the Tar Heels, but Britt may have to wait a year. UNC brought in PG Marcus Paige in the Class of 2012, who may stick around for two years or so before heading to the NBA. However, this will be a time for Britt to develop.

    Williams' continued success in recruiting keeps the Tar Heels enjoying an incredible amount of success, and the Class of 2013 will only help.

1. Michigan Wolverines

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    Recruits: 4

    ESPNU Top 100 Recruits: 3

    Top Recruit: PG Derrick Walton

    The Michigan Wolverines have a huge recruiting class coming in for the Class of 2013. With three players in the top 100, this class has both size and quality.

    The Wolverines will grab the No. 40, No. 61 and No. 65 players in the class—PG Derrick Walton, SG Zak Irvin and PF Mark Donnal, respectively.

    These three bring different elements to the team, but they combine to form a great core. Walton is a true point guard, while Irvin is a great scorer from the wing. Donnal will be a great big man by the time he comes to Ann Arbor.

    These three will form a great core for a team that will most likely lose both Tim Hardaway Jr. and Trey Burke to the NBA at the end of next season. Throw in an elite class in the Class of 2012, including C Mitch McGary, and the Wolverines will continue to compete in the Big Ten.