College Football Recruiting 2013: Ranking the 25 Elite Offensive Recruits

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJune 18, 2012

College Football Recruiting 2013: Ranking the 25 Elite Offensive Recruits

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    This is going to be simple, straightforward and clear. I'm going to just rank the 25 elite offensive recruits for 2013 and give a quick run down of their skill sets.

    This isn't about their commitments, top five lists, visits or any other speculations. Can they play or can't they play? Plain and simple. This is about football and football only.

    Here we go.

25. Hunter Henry, TE

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    Henry is a big TE prospect from Arkansas. On the hoof, he is in the 6'6", 240-pound range and is a very large-bodied seam player with growing strength.

    I really think this guy has a chance to develop into a complete TE in college. Henry has excellent ball skills, a large strike zone and soft hands. His speed is solid, and he'll continue to improve as an in-line blocker.

24. Dontre Wilson, RB

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    Wilson is a shifty and speedy running back from Texas. A 5'10", 180-pounder, he has an excellent burst and shows good skating ability to jump up on the second level.

    Elusive and dangerous in space, Wilson is a terror on the edges and can tire a defense out from chasing him for four quarters of play.

    An Oregon commit, Wilson can also be used as a receiver and in the return game.

23. Laquon Treadwell, WR

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    Hailing from Illinois, Treadwell is a great WR prospect that could be a star in the future. He's about 6'2", 195 pounds and has good tools.

    I really like Treadwell's long frame, which easily helps his catch radius. He also has great speed and can be a solid deep threat while also working in between the numbers and seams with good quickness.

22. Dorian Johnson, OT

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    Johnson is a 6'6", 285-pounder from Pennsylvania that can play OT and OG. He's got a good surge off the line, can strike his punch with some shock and can work into a target's body.

    He'll bring his hips and feet occasionally, showing maul and finish ability. Johnson has solid foot quickness, which helps him kick, slide and adjust in space as a pass protector.

    Just for what it's worth, I think he could end up at Pitt.

21. Jordan Cunningham, WR

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    Cunningham is a Florida native that gets it done with an all-around game. He stands 6'1", 175 pounds and can make some spectacular catches.

    Body control and subtle quickness are his best traits. Cunningham can release off a line, adjust and avoid defenders on the move, make himself available to a quarterback and adjust to the ball in flight to make a good grab with his hands.

20. Jalin Marshall, ATH

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    Marshall can play QB, RB or WR for an offense. An Ohio native, he is a 6'1", 190-pound QB for his current high school team, but he likely fits best as a RB or WR at Ohio State.

    Marshall shows solid play speed, quickness and just natural play-making instincts with the ball. He runs tough and has deceptive strength.

19. Robbie Rhodes, WR

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    Rhodes has shot up the board by coming out of nowhere to light it up at several spring showings. A 6'1", 190-pounder from Texas, Rhodes has a big-time high ceiling.

    With his good size, Rhodes is explosive off the line, can eat up cushion and will stem up a DB and leave him deep. He is also solid as an RAC player and can burn a defense in the open field with the ball.

    He's headed to Baylor.

18. Greg Bryant, RB

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    A Florida native, Bryant is a good RB prospect that constantly runs hard. The 5'11", 200-pounder is hard to bring down and runs with good pop and power.

    Committed to Oklahoma, Bryant attacks downhill from his stance and start, processes information quickly, makes a decision and does what he has to do to get to the second level.

    He won't overwhelm you with flashy speed, but it's good enough.

17. Patrick Kugler, OG

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    Kugler likely projects best to the interior offensive front at Michigan. From Pennsylvania, he stands 6'4", 280 pounds and has great toughness.

    Kugler fires out at the snap, attacks a target with strength and great technique and then tries to finish.

    He'll battle as a pass protector; one slip up by a rusher and Kugler will plant him into the ground to seize the play.

16. Derrick Henry, RB

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    Henry recently backed out of his pledge to Georgia and is looking hard at Alabama. From Florida, Henry is a huge 6'3" and 240 pounds.

    I think he wants to stay at RB in college, where he actually is an excellent athlete and has great speed. You'd think he'd be more of a power back at his size, but Henry actually has a speedy and agile running style.

15. Stacy Coley, WR

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    Coley is also from Florida, and he has a ton of potential. A speedy athlete, Coley is a long 6'1" and 175 pounds. 

    He can surge upfield off the line, avoid press coverage with quickness, separate at the break, catch the ball and get upfield with good speed.

    He needs to work on his route running, get better at settling in voids and be more consistent, but this guy has No. 1 WR potential.

14. Thomas Tyner, RB

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    Tyner is the top RB prospect out west and hails from Oregon. He's also committed to the Ducks and could be the fastest player in the country.

    Tyner competes in elite track and field sprinting events. At 6'0" and 210 pounds, he can really move once his shoulders are squared upfield, but he has some injury history.

    If Tyner can stay healthy, he could become a superstar in the Oregon offense.

13. Derrick Griffin, WR/TE

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    Griffin is a 6'6" pass catcher that is already near 220 pounds in high school. He's a lumbering oak tree with good athleticism on the flanks.

    Whether he stays at WR or becomes at TE at Texas A&M, Griffin's length, solid speed, athleticism, ball skills and red-zone abilities should make him a big-time weapon.

12. Derrick Green, RB

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    Green is a big back from Virginia that stands 6'0", 220 pounds. He runs with great force and power, attacking downhill and daring anyone to challenge him in a run alley.

    Green also has deceptively quick feet and flashes some skate ability and burst. His speed is solid, and he can break off a long run or two.

    He'll be a meat-and-potatoes back in college that'll get some yards in chunks at times.

11. Adam Breneman, TE

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    Sad to hear that Breneman will not be able to play his senior season due to a torn ACL. However, he's still one of the elite offensive recruits in the country this year.

    A 6'5", 230-pound tight end prospect from Pennsylvania, he's a WR in a TE's body.

    Breneman is committed to Penn State, where his length, good speed, soft hands and ball skills will make him a No. 1 weapon when his knee heals up.

10. Ryan Green, RB

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    Green is a speedster, period. He can just blast upfield with a burst and is dangerous in a straight line.

    At 5'11", 195 pounds, I would be weary of him putting on too much weight if it's going to take away from his speed.

    Committed to Florida State, Green will be a third-down back at worst. But he has solid strength, and his quickness will make him dangerous, too.

9. Shane Morris, QB

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    Morris is a 6'3", 190-pound southpaw from Michigan.

    A Wolverine commit, he has solid quickness in his drops, great set-up quickness and an ability to deliver the ball with good velocity.

    Morris could improve his accuracy and consistency, but his footwork development will help that out. He's a great leader and has some charisma and moxie in his game, too. 

8. Keith Ford, RB

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    Ford is a runner from Texas that is 5'11", 200 pounds and runs with natural vision. He is headed to Oklahoma, where he should be a standout.

    Ford has great run strength, quick feet and solid speed. Furthermore, he is very instinctive with the ball and probably has the best field awareness of any back in the country.

7. Christian Hackenburg, QB

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    Committed to Penn State, Hackenburg is a 6'4", 215-pound signal caller with a high ceiling. He has great strength, as he can attack outside the numbers and downfield. 

    He doesn't force throws, and he plays with good timing. Hackenburg has a good feel in the pocket and can escape the rush with solid athleticism.

    He knows he has a quick release, which allows him to stare into the gun barrel to make a throw in the pocket.

6. Robert Foster, WR

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    Foster is a Pennsylvania native and is an explosive WR prospect. At 6'2" and 190 pounds, Foster can wow you with his burst and speed.

    He also is a great all-around athlete and shows no need to decelerate to cut at breaks in his routes, which allows him to separate easily from defenders.

    His hands will need some seasoning, but this part of his game is steadily improving.

5. Ty Isaac, RB

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    Committed to USC, Isaac is a 6'2", 220-pound RB prospect from Illinois. He's got a large frame with good length and runs with excellent speed.

    Instinctive with the ball, Isaac can burst, shift and shake to elude defenders on the second level. He shows breakaway speed at times, while he's also got good run strength.

    Isaac can also factor as a receiver.

4. Tyrone Swoopes, QB

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    Swoopes is a 6'4", 220-pound dual-threat QB from Texas. He is growing as a passer and needs some seasoning, but he has a good stroke and excellent arm strength.

    He loves to be coached and really wants to get better. Swoopes is a natural athlete that can escape traffic in the pocket and gain yards with his legs as a runner.

    Committed to Texas, he has drawn comparisons to Vince Young.

3. Ricky Seals-Jones, WR

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    Seals-Jones could eventually become a TE in college, as he's already 6'5" and a solid 220 pounds. He's just a large-bodied athlete that gives defenders fits.

    Seals-Jones has easy movement skills, good speed, quickness and is very, very agile. He plays QB right now, but he'll be a pass-catcher in college.

    Whether it is at WR or TE remains to be seen.

2. Max Browne, QB

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    Browne is a 6'5" QB that weighs about 215 pounds. He has a quick release with very good arm strength and accuracy.

    Browne, a USC pledge, does an excellent job of reading coverages, finding voids and hitting targets with good anticipation. He can change speeds well with the ball and has solid pocket presence.

    He won't win any dual threat awards, but he'll beat you from the pocket with his arm and brain.

1. Laremy Tunsil, OT

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    Tunsil is a Florida native that goes in the 6'6", 295-pound range on the hoof. He has great athleticism and the agility to be a great OT in college.

    He's raw in his technique, but Tunsil can really grow and develop as a shadowing pass-protector. He has quick feet, balance, natural knee bend and adjust ability.

    His strength is coming along, and he could be a great LT down the line.

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