A-Rod Scandal Puts Media in a Bad Light

Ron CoomerContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

The A-Rod interview with Peter Gammons revealed something more than just another high profile steroid abuser, but just plain bad journalism.

Before I continue, the sole blame must be put on A-Rod, and I cannot stress enough on how much damage this will cause baseball, and more importantly, the effect on (forget the records) today's young men who look up to these people as role models.

In the interview, Rodriguez (dumbly) redirected the attention to a journalist who was "stalking" him. Whether it happened or not, the fact remains that it may have happened. Rodriguez even referenced in the interview to having a citation from the Miami-Dade police for the journalist breaking into his house present.

The change of attention was exactly what A-Rod didn't need as this was an interview about him doing steroids, not pointing the finger elsewhere.

I can NEVER fault a person for doing his or her job, but how they go about doing that job is another story.

Personally, I can see a journalist going about and harassing an athlete, especially one of Rodriguez's caliber.

What is the difference between sports media and the paparazzi? The audience. Whether it happened or not, it puts a disgusted taste in my mouth. The sports media have always been swayed to write about "bad news" rather than something good because it's more 'juicy' or whatever.

I have no problem blaming A-Rod, he did something wrong, and more importantly, illegal.

The newfound scandal raises other questions about the journalist world today. Journalists like Ms. Selena Roberts and Pedro Gomez, who also never writes about anything except scandals, put excellent journalists, who go about doing their job in a positive, ethical manner, in a bad light.