NBA Trade Speculation: 10 Stars the Miami Heat Could Get for Dwyane Wade

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2012

NBA Trade Speculation: 10 Stars the Miami Heat Could Get for Dwyane Wade

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    Let's be honest here: When you are two wins away from the first of "not five, not six..." NBA championships, trading away the second-biggest reason why you are there is not exactly at the top of the priorities list.  

    But Dwyane Wade is a 30-year-old battering ram with a laundry lists of injuries who, it seems, has not had a good first half since the Bush administration.  

    Could turning one Heat championship into multiple titles be more likely if Pat Riley shipped off the face of his franchise for younger parts?  

    Probably not.  But that won't stop us from speculating.  

    Follow along for 10 stars Miami could target in realistic trades for Wade...

    (Note: I cheated a little here and there...and maybe stretched the word "star" a little, too.  Remember, it is about realism and fair value, people.)

10. Josh Smith

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    With Smith requesting a trade before the trade deadline and his contract expiring after next season, it's pretty evident that the Hawks will move their enigmatic power forward this offseason.  

    But Josh Smith as the centerpiece of a trade for Dwyane Wade?  I do not think there is enough freebase-able (if that's a word) acid in the world to make that happen.  

    The only realistic way the Hawks could turn Smith into Wade would involve at least one more team.  So...yeah, let's move on.

9. Pau Gasol/Andrew Bynum

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    With one of the two Laker big men certainly on the move this offseason, it makes perfect video game sense for the two NBA lightning rod teams to hook up for a trade.

    Only this is real life and putting Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant on the same team would be an exercise in total redundancy.  

    There is also the problem that neither Bynum or Gasol are on Wade's level.  Trading a top-tier star straight up for a second-tier star after an NBA Finals appearance?

    Yep, not happening...even though it would be awesome seeing Twitter go bat-excrement insane if it actually did.

7-8. Eric Gordon & Anthony Davis

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    Miami gets the second-best under-25 shooting guard in the NBA and the biggest "sure thing" draftee in recent memory.  New Hornets' owner Tom Benson gets a superstar that helps sell tickets and bring his team back to relevancy.

    Everybody wins.  Only this scenario is one where both teams would slam the phone down on the other.  

    The Heat are built to win now.  Anthony Davis cannot score in the post at the next level yet and Eric Gordon played just nine games this season.  

    The Hornets are built to win three years from now.  At this point, I would not bet on Wade being a consistent 20-point scorer three years from now, let alone one of the league's five best players.  

    Once again, it is an incredibly interesting scenario that's more likely for NBA 2K12 players than NBA general managers.  

5-6. Rudy Gay & Mike Conley

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    Using ESPN's Trade Machine, I was able to come up with this trade:  

    Miami Receives:

    Rudy Gay, Mike Conley and Tony Allen (and probably a couple first-rounders)

    Memphis Receives:

    Dwyane Wade and octogenarian Mike Miller.

    This does not solve their gaping gap in Miami's frontcourt, but does make the team younger, deeper and gives the Heat two players not named Shane Battier who can play outside of 18-feet.  

    This is a trade where I found myself thinking, "Well, I mean, I guess it could work..." before picturing Wade in a Grizzlies jersey and punching myself in the nose.  

2-4. Kevin Martin, Luis Scola & Kyle Lowry

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    To be clear, I love the following trade for both teams:

    Miami Receives:

    Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Kyle Lowry and Chandler Parsons.

    Houston Receives:

    Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller's cadaver. 

    Just take a look at Miami's potential starting lineup.  

    PG:  Kyle Lowry

    SG:  Kevin Martin

    SF:  LeBron James

    PF:  Chris Bosh

    C:    Luis Scola

    That lineup gives Miami the deepest starting lineup in the league with the best player in the world leading the charge.  If you want "..not four, not five, not six...", this is the type of move you make.  

    For their part, Houston finally gets the superstar general manager Daryl Morey has been chasing for nearly two years while giving up the Pau Gasol package for a better player.  

1. Dwight Howard

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    If Pat Riley actually wants to trade Dwayne Wade, this is the only call he makes.  The trade makes complete sense from almost every angle for both sides.

    Orlando receives full value for a player they will probably have to ship off for $.75 on the dollar this offseason and gets a full-fledged franchise superstar.  

    Miami gets the NBA's best center, a player who fills their hole in the middle and allows for LeBron and Wade to stop playing the tag team Batman/Robin roles.  

    The reason Riley could never and would never make this call is the "face of the franchise" factor.  Wade might not be the best player on his own team, but he is the only member of Miami's Big Three to not play seven seasons for a different franchise.  He is the only member of the Big Three to bring the city a championship (so far).  And Wade was the orchestrator of this whole experiment.  

    To trade Wade would be the ultimate backstabbing, so much so that "The Decision" would be remembered as a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club.  

    Just like in life, some things that make sense just do not work.  This is one of those cases.