Why Are Some Writers Using B/R For There Personal Reasons?

dexterjames cavadaContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

This is sad day for B/R wrestling column. I am new in B/R and I enjoy a lot of wrestling articles I love to comment on them and I have written a few wrestling articles myself. I have always been a wrestling fan and B/R helped me sustain my grip on the wrestling world.

But sad to say the top writers here are now writing some stuff that doesn't include wrestling. I too am sad that I have to write this because I hate writing down something that I don't enjoy. Leave all the drama in the ring and save yourselves the embarrassment that you the writers are already in. You know who you are...

So here's a big stone cold middle finger to you all. And i give this middle finger also to myself for writing this I hope this would be the last article ever written in B/R for personal reasons. I hope you understand... And If you don't I have Two words for you..... sk it


IF you smelelelel what the rock is cook'n!!!