Sunrise in the NFC East: The Division's Top Links on June 18, 2012

Brad Gagnon NFL National ColumnistJune 18, 2012

Wait, why Jim Carrey? Read away...
Wait, why Jim Carrey? Read away...Al Bello/Getty Images

Welcome to the dark days of football, at least in the NFC East.

Six teams still have organized team activities remaining, but none reside in this division, and thus the real offseason is underway. But that just means it's time to make wild, baseless, compelling predictions, which is always fun.

Let's roll around the NFC East on this Monday morning...

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins has five things to be happy about and five things to worry about. The concerns: Mike Jenkins, Anthony Spencer, the safeties, the No. 3 wide receiver spot and the interior line. I'll let you click away for the good stuff, but I do agree that all five of those items are worrisome. 

With the final three years of Tony Romo's contract voidable, the 32-year-old could become a free agent next summer. Todd Archer makes the case for why the 'Boys should extend his contract now. Lots of fans will disagree, but this should absolutely be a priority for the front office.

If the Cowboys were a movie star, they'd be Jim Carrey

New York Giants

ESPN's Ashley Fox checks in with Tom Coughlin, whom she argues has mellowed with age and success. 

Jen Polashock of Giants 101 writes that Jerry Reese continues to face unjust criticism, something that might never change.

Philadelphia Eagles

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe points out that DeSean Jackon's contract extension couldn't have anything to do with Joe Banner, whom he argues "never would have done that deal." I agree that it was a lot of money, and Jackson's off-field forays concern me a little, but this team needs him. A lot.

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks thinks that this could indeed be a dream season for the so-called "dream team." Banks cites several reasons, but the biggest could be the peaceful locker room. That's another reason why the Jackson deal was good.

Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer: Let Michael Vick run like old times.

Washington Redskins

CSN Washington's Rich Tandler: Former Redskins aren't experiencing much success these days, which is a sign that Mike Shanahan is doing a good job in the offseason.

Blogging The Beast breaks down some Evan Royster game film

Kyle Shanahan knows that reps are the key right now for Robert Griffin III.