Nice, A McFadlet

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

Darren “Two Toes” McFadden is involved in another paternity suit and has already admitted that he is the father of the child.  This is great news.

I don’t understand why football players having illegitimate children is considered a bad thing.  It should be celebrated.  Travis Henry should’ve seen his 9 illegitimate children and raised them another 9.  The world can never have enough football players, and the child of an NFL star is definitely more likely to become great than, let’s say, the kid of two happily married, nerdy suburbanites from Connecticut.

And what if an NFL star like McFad has a girl?  Well then hopefully she’ll get married to or at least get knocked up by a pro down the road.  And what if they have a girl who has a girl who has a mentally retarded kid with Down’s Syndrome?  Well then, fuck, but what are the chances of that???

Original image via Ninja