WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: AJ's Brilliant Crazy-Stupid-Love Angle to Continue

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

AJ is without a doubt the most interesting woman in professional wrestling. Similarly talented Divas are either inactive (Kharma), saddled with stale storylines (Vickie Guerrero) or inferior dance partners (Beth Phoenix).  

One month ago, the CM Punk-Daniel Bryan saga, while entertaining from an in-ring standpoint, had no story for fans to sink their teeth into. They were just two guys who knew how to work with one being slightly more heelish than the other.


With AJ's waffling affection now dominating the WWE Championship picture, even Kane being infused into the storyline—a move that was originally unpopular with the fans—has become yet another element of intrigue in what has turned into a lightning-in-a-bottle love square. 

AJ's actions leading up to Sunday's WWE title match suggested that the indecisive damsel would finally be making a decision as to who she was to align with. All signs pointed to Daniel Bryan, but with Bryan recently ridiculing AJ as untrustworthy and destined to turn on CM Punk, an impending swerve could come from any angle.

Sunday's No Way Out pay-per-view saw AJ make out with Kane prior to the WWE Championship match before giving a mischievous grin to CM Punk behind Kane's back by match end. 

At first sight, it appeared that AJ inadvertently cost Kane the match, but her post-match antics served as yet another example of why the big red monster should never trust a woman. 

With CM Punk once again successfully defending his WWE Championship, and an aggressive air of uncertainty still surrounding AJ's eventual decision, a compelling storyline continues. 

Daniel Bryan is seen by many as the heir apparent to the WWE Championship throne.  One of the positives of AJ's crazy chick angle continuing is we hopefully get to wait until SummerSlam—an iconic WWE pay-per-view—for what would be a memorable payoff resulting in a major title change that would be nine months in the making. 

The most effective payoff from AJ would be for her to screw CM Punk, thus realigning herself with Daniel Bryan and forming the ultimate heel tandem. 

Until then, one can only watch and enjoy the continued, unpredictable antics of AJ as she searches for a sports entertainment suitor. 

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