Aikman Is A Rhodes Scholar

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Troy Aikman promised his mother that he’d graduate from college twenty years ago.  He will finally graduate in June 2009.

According to ESPN, “Aikman’s final two courses [were online and] included a class on race and ethnicity and another on aging.  He earned an ‘A’ for both.”

First of all, who gives a shit.  Second of all, race and ethnicity and aging??  A blind, deaf kid with no hands or feet could earn an “A” in those courses.  Finally, that Troy Aikman is such a good guy — he was nice enough to put his mother’s big wish behind color commentating, NASCAR, and Acme Brick.  I can only imagine where his wife and kids are on the priority list.

Original image via Smarter