Denver Broncos: Predicting the Biggest Trap Games for the Broncos in 2012

Adam OdekirkContributor IIJune 18, 2012

Denver Broncos: Predicting the Biggest Trap Games for the Broncos in 2012

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    Experts and casual fans alike are beating themselves up trying to predict what the final win/loss tally will be for the Denver Broncos. To date there is anything but a consensus.

    With that being said, it is hard to say that any game on the schedule is a slam dunk victory—even if there are a few that seem more winnable than others.

    Still, the problem with the easy ones is that even a slam dunk can be blown and sometimes there are factors beyond just the play on the field that can determine the outcome.

    All of that being said, here are the our biggest trap games on the Denver Broncos schedule in 2012.

Week 4: Oakland at Denver

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    The return of the prodigal defensive coordinator to Denver (Dennis Allen) happens in Week 4 of the NFL season. The very man who helped resurrect the "Orange Crush" will be returning in the form of the new head coach of the hated Oakland Raiders.

    As if the rivalry itself, and having the first say in the battle for the AFC West, weren't enough motivation the Raiders now have an emotional lift (if they choose to use it) in the form of "winning one for coach against his old squad."

    This wasn't going to be an easy victory for Denver to begin with, but being at home and having the benefit of the best quarterback in the battle was a good start. Unfortunately, now there are more things at stake in this divisional matchup.

Week 10: Denver at Carolina

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    Not that traveling is ever easy, but based on the records from last season, Denver should have been relieved to see the Panthers on the schedule as an away game.

    As if the travel weren't hard enough, the Broncos have the unpleasant task of being a western team going east and playing in the early time slot which always seem to be a death sentence for teams asked to do so.

    Still, the same factors working against Denver in the Oakland game, could be a helping hand with John Fox returning to take on his former team for the first time.

    Denver will have their hands full stopping Cam Newton, but perhaps a shootout is just what the team needs to find their offensive rhythm. 

Week 12: Denver at Kansas City

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    Why is this a trap? Because playing in Kansas City is always a trap and always will be for Denver.

    It doesn't matter if the Chiefs are undefeated or totally defeated when the Broncos come into town; the simple fact of the matter is that Denver has a hard time winning in Arrowhead Stadium.

    Time will tell who has the superior roster and is enjoying the better season at that point, but one thing that is certain is Denver cannot walk into KC and expect a win...anytime.

Week 16: Cleveland at Denver

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    This is a classic trap game scenario for the Broncos. On paper there seems to be no real way that the Cleveland Browns can stack up, especially if they roll into Denver with a rookie quarterback and running back playing at Mile High for the first time.

    Add into that equation that Denver will likely be playing for a playoff berth and worried about their AFC West clash with the Chiefs to end the season and it is starting to become apparent how the team could get caught looking ahead to the final week of the season assuming that they can coast and beat the lowly Browns.

    Another problem for Denver is that they will be on the heels of a tough game in Baltimore against the Ravens that may leave the team either bloodied and beaten or exhausted from a triumphant trip to the AFC North.

    Of all the games on the schedule, this is the one that Denver should have been most relieved to see; but couldn't it have come a little earlier in the season?