Would LeBron James Still Be Criticized If He Won the NBA Title?

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Few people will ever know or understand the level of criticism endured by LeBron James.

It took a perfect intersection of celebrity, timing, hype, visibility and vitriol to set James' image ablaze, and though James himself wasn't totally innocent in his narrative's turn for the worst, his actions alone were hardly enough to justify the unending hatred aimed at the NBA's best player.

It's difficult to conclusively say what might eventually free James from such remarkably persistent criticism, but potentially winning an NBA title would at least change the nature of the discussion.

Whether that change would be enough to make James a less reviled and criticized figure remains to be seen and, for the moment, is up for debate.

Would winning two more games in these NBA Finals and claiming the 2011-2012 crown be enough to silence James' most vocal critics? Or is the league's best player far too easy a target to let escape from the nation's dartboard?

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