Extreme Championship Wrestling: Interesting Development

David BowstonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

So, TJ Wilson debuted tonight on ECW with Natalya as "Tyson Kidd," a new, young superstar trained in the Hart Dungeon, where, according to Matt Striker, "Screams of young men could be heard from all round, but Tyson Kidd was one of the only survivors."

Now there are two things I am left wondering.

First off, D.H. Smith.

Does this mean that the plans for him to join Legacy are definite? Or will he also come through the ECW New Superstar Initiative ranks as a singles competitor under a different persona or gimmick?

Secondly, Natalya.

Again, she was reported to be joining Legacy but, interestingly, does this pave the way for Steph to be the female character in Legacy or, like my article from a while back, the ridiculous idea of Brooke Hogan being brought in?

According to WWE, "The athletic newcomer is a student of the Hart Family Dungeon, and was personally trained by Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Natalya’s uncle." As well as that, he has already got his first feud lined up, with Jamie Noble following his progress.

I can't see "Tyson" get any sort of a push with Christian just being thrown in the title race, but there have been rumors of a Tyson Kidd/Evan Bourne feud.

Anyway, so now that T.J. Wilson has quietly made his debut, is this a definite sign of D.H. Smith to Legacy and pave the way for the Billion Dollar Princess to turn her back on the McMahons?