WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: Real Winners and Losers of PPV

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 18, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: Real Winners and Losers of PPV

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    John Cena came out on top at No Way Out 2012.  All the current champions retained and Ryback squashed another pair of nobodies.

    The true winners and losers of WWE's  No Way Out 2012 aren't necessarily the men and women who had their hands raised in victory.

    In some cases, it wasn't even an actual wrestler that was the real winner of the match.

    Two championships' prestige went in different directions.  The tag division's light is flickering again.  

    Who won in the larger picture and who suffered from No Way Out, regardless of the outcome of their match? 

Loser: Everyone Who Watched the Pre-Show

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    Those who tuned in early to check out the No Way Out pre-show probably weren't expecting a five-star match, but they were likely looking for more entertainment than the tepid David Otunga and Brodus Clay match could offer.

    The underwhelming action seemed to stall purposely.

    Neither Otunga or Clay seemed particularly enthused about the match and performed lethargically.  There seemed to be a potentially solid story to be told, but too many rest holds and a lack of spark spoiled the fun.

    A cheap countout finish didn't help, either.

    Fans who checked out the pre-show probably wished they'd checked their email or organized the fridge instead.

Winner: Sheamus

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    With every impressive World Heavyweight Championship title defense, the memory of how Sheamus won the title at WrestleMania fades further away.

    His nose bloodied, his body shimmering from sweat, Sheamus once again looked like a worthy champion, a resilient warrior that people can get behind.

    He has tweaked his move-set recently and begun to add some intriguing moves.  Those newbies along with his old stand-bys looked great against the ultimate sell artist, Dolph Ziggler.

    While the match itself wasn't as incredible as it could have been, Sheamus goes into Money in the Bank and beyond as a legitimate champion whose star is rising.  

Loser: United States Championship's Prestige

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    The United States Championship is becoming so meaningless that it barely gets a mention in a match featuring the champ.

    Awarding Santino the title seemed to be WWE's way of repaying his hard work and recent surge in popularity.  As champ, he's rarely defended it.

    Instead of having him defend against a worthy mid-carder at No Way Out, the US title simply became a cheap and ignored prop in a match where two men tore at each other's clothes.

    Santino's right sock played more prominently than the championship that he wears around his waist. WWE's apathy towards the title may soon have it unified with something else or abandoned altogether.    

Winner: Tag Team Division

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    With so few of its current tag teams over with the fans, WWE wisely shoved four of them together in a single match, showcasing them all simultaneously.  

    The Usos had a chance to shine, as did Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.  

    The Primetime Players were officially given a title shot and a little more limelight.  Thanks to Abraham Washington, they have bad blood now with Primo and Epico, and those two teams along with the tag team champions could be featured more on WWE television.

    WWE is starting to recognize the glut of young talent they have in the tag division and No Way Out may be a promising sign that they intend to use it.

Winner: Cody Rhodes and Christian

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    Both challenger and champion shined in the Intercontinental Championship bout.

    Second only to the WWE Championship match, Cody Rhodes and Christian's terrific work displayed their electric chemistry.  

    They could very easily put on a few more months' worth of matches and still thrill audiences.  Despite losing in the ring, Rhodes looked like he more than belonged in there with Christian.  

    Their creativity and originality made their match stand out.  

    Rhodes' performance all but guarantees another shot or two.  Christian meanwhile, has find a place to roost, bolstering the mid-card and reinvigorating the IC title.

Loser: Anti-Cena Fans

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    That portion of the WWE audience who cringes at John Cena's jean shorts and Boy Scout routine got a full dose of what they hate about the man.

    Despite not having a championship, Cena was once again thrust into the main event.

    With the tired "loser gets fired" storyline, Cena slugged it out with a man we've seen him fight over and over again.  And of course, he won.

    Fans who take issue with Cena and his Superman booking saw this ending coming.  

    WWE was trying to stir up emotions with the John Laurinaitis and Cena feud that just weren't there. Whether People Power ended or not didn't matter to many.  

Winner: CM Punk

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    The match winner and real winner of the WWE Championship match was CM Punk, with Kane and Daniel Bryan both coming in a close second.

    As Michael Cole pointed out during the action, Punk has been WWE champ since Survivor Series and has knocked off a number of quality opponents since.

    In the match of the night, Punk took an inordinate amount of punishment, but found a way to win.  He came off as gutsy and now looks even stronger as champion. 

    He meshed well with both Bryan and Kane and continued his streak of producing one of the best matches of the pay-per-view.  

    Unfortunately, wrestling fans are restless and sometimes impossible to please.  There are certainly some fans out there who see Punk's recent win streak and run as similar to John Cena's superhuman booking.

Loser: Spanish Announce Table

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    The often-abused table survived nearly the entire night.  The WWE Championship match came and went without harm being done to it.

    Ryback's match might have gotten ugly enough to start demolishing furniture, but it didn't.

    The Spanish-language announcers probably began the Steel Cage match main event confident that they'd go the rest of the night unscathed.  It's a cage match, how could a table get broken, right?

    John Cena lifted the horridly-dressed John Laurinaitis in position for the Attitude Adjustment and the end had begun.  No Way Out ended with a fired Laurinaitis lying flat across a broken and defeated Spanish announce table.