Tebow Time: 7 Ways Jets' Backup Will Break Twitter in 2012

Adam Friedgood@AfriedgoodContributor IIIJune 19, 2012

Tebow Time: 7 Ways Jets' Backup Will Break Twitter in 2012

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    Twitter has been a phenomenal addition to the sports landscape.

    Not only does it give the average fan the canvas to express how he or she feels about a particular game, team or athlete, but it also allows them to interact with their favorite analyst or player on a much more personal level.

    Whether you love him or hate him, Tim Tebow draws tons of reactions with his play on the field, as well as with his actions off of it.    

    Fans take to Twitter to praise or destroy Tebow more than most players in not only the NFL, but all sports.

    Here are seven ways Tebow could break Twitter in 2012. 

7. His First Picture in a Jets Uniform

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    This image of Tim Tebow in green and white has clearly been photoshopped. 

    When Tebow finally does dress in his brand new Nike New York Jets jersey, you know his fans will take to Twitter to express how they feel about him in his new threads.

    You have to assume most people will be pleased with what they see since his jersey sales since joining the Jets have been second in the NFL, only been behind Peyton Manning's new Broncos jersey.   

    If there was any way to guarantee he was "Tebowing" in that first picture, this would have been much higher on the list.  

6. After He Passes for His First TD

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    Tebow has already set Twitter records with a TD pass in his short career so far. 

    After Tebow threw an 80-yard TD pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers during last year's playoffs, Twitter blew up to a response of 9,420 Tweets per second.

    This was the highest rate of tweets per second for any sports related topic in Twitter's history.

    He won't nearly match that number when he throws his first TD pass with the Jets, but you know all the Tebow fans will come out to support him starting over Sanchez.    

5. The First Time He Goes out in NYC

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    Tim Tebow draws an extreme amount of talk on Twitter every time he makes a public appearance.

    Now these public appearances will take place in the largest city in the United States, New York City.

    Everyone loves to discuss fellow quarterback Mark Sanchez's social life, so it will be very interesting to see how he compares to what Tebow does when he's out in The Big Apple. 

4. After He Scores His First Rushing TD

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    Tim Tebow has 12 rushing touchdowns in his 23 game career. 

    When he scores his first one for the Jets, it will bring out both the Tebow believers and haters. 

    His fans will discuss how dynamic of a quarterback he is, while the naysayers will come out and discuss how he's just a rusher and can't be a pocket passer.

    Either way, the Tim Tebow talk will be heavy on Twitter. 

3. After Sanchez Has His First Multi-Interception Game

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    As a Jets fan myself, I hope it never comes to this, but Mark Sanchez's failure will certainly lead to a huge Twitter reaction in favor of Tim Tebow.

    Every Tebow supporter who isn't a Jets fan is hoping Sanchez fails and Tebow gets a chance to start.

    Also, the Sanchez fans, which have significantly diminished since his rookie season, will speak out in favor of giving Mark another chance and bash Tebow's skills in the process.     

2. If He Scores a TD on a Fake Punt

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    A touchdown off of a trick play always causes a lot of buzz on Twitter. 

    Now add Tim Tebow to one of those plays and see what happens.

    Tebow will certainly get plenty of chances to make an impact on special teams since head coach Rex Ryan has him practicing as the "up" back on punts during OTAs last week. 

    There will be a huge number of Twitter comments when Tebow just takes the field with the punt team in an actual game, so I can't even image how crazy people will go if he actually scores a TD. 

1. If He Does Anything with Just Beiber

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    Tim Tebow Followers: 1,676,141

    Justin Bieber Followers: 23,548,679

    Tim Tebow is currently ranked #468 in most followers on Twitter.

    Combine him with the second most followed person on Twitter though, Justin Bieber, and all hell would break loose. 

    It's unfathomable how many comments would come from this dynamic duo being seen doing anything together, even if it's just by accident for a quick second. 

    You can't underestimate the power of the Biebs.