ECW Could Be a Safe Haven For Divas

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

Tonight's ECW had some great and surprising moments. First, the unannounced and unexpected return of Christian Cage to the WWE was huge. His move to ECW is great because it adds a major name to its division.

His arrival will make everyone tune in. Having him on RAW or SmackDown would have only let him be buried behind John Cena, Triple H, and The Undertaker. ECW really had nothing going on, but now they've got Christian.

ECW also gave us a surprise appearance of SmackDown diva Natalya as a manager for her real life boyfriend TJ Wilson, going by Tyson Kidd. It seems that Natalya will now be joining the ECW roster.

I said before that a roster change will be good for her and a move to ECW is the right start. I wanted her to go to RAW, but a move to ECW to freshen her up is a solid move, and it says they want to give her time to shine, like they do with Katie Lea.

There's really only one face in Alicia Fox, who's a bit too green for these two veteran divas, but bringing up Angela Fong from developmental would be a good move. Better yet, why not go with another shock and move Gail Kim to ECW?

I'm starting to think maybe she won't go to SmackDown. Look at that division now without Natalya—it is made up of basically WWE molded and bred girls. Gail, like Natalya, would be the odd one out.

ECW was once the "Land of Extreme Expose" with some of the greenest girls imaginable trying to wrestle. Now we've got solid developmental divas as well as two extremely capable and physical ones. Now, they can get a chance to shine without having to be buried on the other two shows.

I for one will definitely be watching ECW from now on.