WWE No Way Out 2012: Christian and Cody Rhodes' Feud Needs to Continue

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WWE No Way Out 2012: Christian and Cody Rhodes' Feud Needs to Continue
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Christian and Cody Rhodes put on the second-best match at No Way Out 2012.  WWE needs to milk their feud for as long as they can.

WWE wisely gave Rhodes and Christian ample time to work, and both men delivered thrilling performances.  

Their chemistry was fantastic.  In a pay-per-view loaded with disappointing matches, Rhodes and Christian was one of the highlights.  

They worked smoothly together, throwing creative counters and reversals seamlessly into the action.

There was an electric feel when they collided.  

The Intercontinental Championship's prestige benefits from every Christian and Cody Rhodes match that fans see. For too long, it's been an ignored championship.

Christian's star power and Cody Rhodes' potential make it a must-see title again.  

Many believe Rhodes will eventually be a world champ and the future of the WWE. The crowded main event scene doesn't have a place for Rhodes right now.

Having him show off his skills while battling for the IC title is the best way to utilize his talents for the moment.

The same goes for Christian. WWE isn't likely to give him another world title run, but Captain Charisma is far too talented not to be featured prominently. He's in the perfect spot with an ideal opponent.  

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A Christian vs. Cody Rhodes feud will give depth and excitement to the mid-card.  

Their matches are fast-paced and their in-ring stories are told beautifully. Their ring style is a perfect fit together, and before either man moves on to a new foe, WWE needs to give them match after match together.    

Both men are extremely talented on the mic as well. WWE programming could use a few less filler bits, replacing them with Christian and Rhodes delving into the story of their growing hatred.  

Both the Money in the Bank and SummerSlam card will be far better with the addition of a bitter Christian and Cody Rhodes confrontation.  

Fans will eat up a long, well-developed feud between them.  

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