WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: Brodus Clay Proves He's Ready for Big Time

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJune 18, 2012

image from brodus-hq.com
image from brodus-hq.com

Brodus Clay squashed David Otunga and now it's time to bump Brodus up the WWE food chain. He has been enjoying a solid ascension up the ranks, but this should be the last pay-per-view that sees Clay battling the likes of Otunga.

His involvement in the climax of the John Cena vs. Big Show match is a great sign.

To take the next step, Clay will have to sacrifice some of his comedic element. That side of him is entertaining, but it limits his widespread appeal. I think his potential feud with Show and Laurinaitis could help him with that.

He doesn't want to end up type-cast and stuck in that vein, as it seems Santino is. As long as Santino continues to receive laughs for his antics, he'll continue to be stuck telling jokes. I'm not anti-comedy, I think it's a necessary aspect of every show and pay-per-view event, but the duties need to rotate a bit.

Clay is too big and menacing to continue on as the dancing human-dinosaur for a prolonged period. It's a waste for a guy that is 6'7" and almost 400 pounds. As a matter of fact, Clay seems destined for an extended stint as a heel.

He's showing versatility at this point by clowning around, but physically, he's a bad guy in a wrestling sense—everything from his scowl to his shear mass says heel.

The WWE doesn't have room for a super-heavyweight heel, but that will change as the roster turns over.

For the time being, Clay will have to settle into a modern-day Rikishi role. It's an understandable casting, but he can't stay playful too long. Rikisihi danced with Too Cool and it shaped what he was, and he never ascended.

Clay must slowly shake his dancing shoes, and the process needs to start soon.


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