WWE No Way out 2012: WWE Going Back to the 'John Cena Will Be Fired' Well

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 17, 2012

Why does the WWE do this to us? 

This past Friday on SmackDown, a familiar stipulation was added to the Cena vs. Big Show cage match as it was announced that if John Cena couldn't defeat Big Show—and stop me if you've heard this before—he'd be fired. 

A feud between Cena and Big Show is already enough "been there, done that" for the average WWE fan, but now they have to add an equally stale stipulation that even casual fans won't fall for? 

This is the equivalent to sticking a cold hamburger in a microwave, only for the meat to lose its flavor and taste worse.

Given the WWE's well-documented depth issues, Cena is on the very short list of non-expendable WWE superstars who the promotion simply cannot afford to lose.  

This is nothing more than a lame, desperate, last-minute attempt to attract viewers to No Way Out. 

With John Laurinaitis' job on the line as well, it is highly likely that this will be an art-imitating-life method of removing Laurinaitis from his post with the Triple H administration slowly starting to overtake Laurinaitis' real-life duties.

Fans have seen this movie before as it pertains to Cena.  Last year, Cena was to be fired by Nexus leader Wade Barrett after Cena officiated a match against Barrett that resulted in Randy Orton retaining his WWE Championship. 

The dog-and-pony farewell speech by Cena was quickly rendered useless as Cena was eventually rehired by Barrett after making multiple, disruptive appearances on WWE TV as an unemployed former poster boy. 

The stip was rehashed then a few months later as it was stapled to Cena's memorable match against CM Punk at Money in the Bank. 

Using the aforementioned Nexus storyline as an example, CM Punk publicly mocked the edict during a promo on RAW, stating that Cena had nothing to worry about if he lost because he wouldn't be fired.

Cena lost that match.  He wasn't fired. 

With the "Cena fired" angle pretty much becoming a caricature of itself, expect no recourse should the former multiple-time WWE Champion somehow find himself on the losing end of Sunday's main event. 

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