Christian To ECW!!!!!!!!! Not Suprised At All

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 10, 2009

I saw Christian on ECW and like the rest of the world that was shocked i was NOT SHOCKED because the wwe made us feel played three times and last time i checked three strikes your out. First Royal Rumble O Christian is coming back.NOPE. He was not behind the attacks but it as Jeff Hardy's brother Matt Hardy. Strike 1. So ok everyone said he could come back at NWO and screw Edge out the title.NOPE. Came back before that on ECW. He didn't go to SmackDown to feud with Edge/Jeff/Matt. Strike 3 and all on us.

ECW is what Christian needs and that's what he got. No Smackdown, No Edge, No Fatal 4 Way, No what yall said so yea the wwe did it again and im not surprised and he beat the ECW CHAMP JACK SWAGGER. so how about that forgot what we say the WWE has done it again