Christian Cage: The ECW Savior

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Christian Cage: The ECW Savior

Finally, after a long time of waiting and wondering, Christian Cage has come back to ECW. WWE Creative has finally surprised us fans as well as making the spoiler websites look like fools, Christian is here to save ECW from it's drought of boredom.

Christian will now give the fans a reason to watch ECW along with Christian possibly winning the ECW title at Wrestlemania 25. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that ECW really needed him. Though many did want him on Smackdown, this is really a win win situation for Christian.

Captain Charisma will have a build up as a true superstar and a former ECW Champion before June where he can get drafted to Raw or Smackdown. Christian will without a doubt save ECW and raiser ratings increasingly.

With a new theme, no sign of ring rust, and his mic skills that have made him famous since the WCW days, above all that his pure wrestling ability Christian is the first sign in the current healing process of ECW.

He could have potential great feuds with Jack Swagger, Finlay, Evan Bourne, Miz, and Morrison. He could even help guys like Jamie Noble and Ricky Ortiz. Also ECW has added a new star in Terry Kidd (not sure what his first name is) along with Natalya and the returning Evan Bourne which only helps.

I believe the next big step in the healing process of ECW is to make it a two hour show so they can show more matches that include talent like Tommy Dreamer, Boogeyman, DJ Gabriel, and the returning Evan Bourne.

In conclusion, Christian is back and will be a force in ECW by winning the title at possibly WrestleMania and then by WrestleMania 26, he will be on Smackdown or Raw looking for the WWE Championship. Christian is back!

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