Christian Is Back... But In Ecw What Was The Point

kingluc1ferContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

christian was at ecw tonight . his supposed  highly awaited returned happened tonight at ecw.while it was great to see christian back in wwe . what was the point of signing a big star back from tna to bring him to ecw? christian already proved that he was great on tna and should have been brought back at the upper middcard of smackdown or raw not the main event of ecw. his match vs jack swagger was ok but nothing really special from a returning main event star. the wwe has made a real mistake by not bringing him back at no way out atleast. why bring a big fish to a little pond called ecw. kind of makes many wish he would have stayed at tna already. but lets just see where wwe is going with this. no new finisher either