Shocking ECW News: Christian Returns On ECW, Not On Smackdown Or Raw!!!

The One You FearCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

I was watching ECW tonight and the show started off by Jack Swagger entering the ring and talking about something (I only turned on ECW and Christian was talking Swagger). The next thing I see is Christian's video and his song.

I was very surprised and I mean surprised because a lot of people thought that he was involved in Jeff Hardy's accident and that he will return to Smackdown.

Everyone knew that Christian will return to WWE and as I said before a lot of people thought he will make his return on Smackdown or Pay-Per-View.

I think no one expected Christian return to ECW, I actually thought that he would be back on ECW or Smackdown because Christian was a "extreme" lover and on Smackdown because I thought he caused all the accident's to Jeff Hardy and that his "brother" Edge is on Smackdown.

Tonight's ECW main event will be returning Christian vs ECW Champion Jack Swagger. It doesn't matter if you like ECW or not but if your WWE fan then you would be super excited about this kind of a player.

I also want to mention there is another new superstar and his name is Tyson Kidd. So this week on ECW there are two new superstars joining WWE and very exciting matches!

Well that's all I got for this update right now and I will watch Smackdown to have update's on this Friday too.

Thanks for reading these shocking news and update!