WWE No Way Out 2012: Dolph Ziggler's Time Is Now

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIIJune 17, 2012

With No Way Out just around the corner, there seems to be a huge debate around the IWC community today about what match will "steal the show" on Sunday night.

For me though, it's not about what will steal the show, it's about WHO will steal the show. 

And that who is Dolph Ziggler

Better yet, he might not steal it, but I certainly hope he saves it. Because whether or not he wins or loses on Sunday, this is arguably the biggest match of his career. Seriously.  

With Alberto Del Rio out with a concussion, the WWE has put its faith in Ziggler once again, giving him another opportunity to prove he belongs with the big dogs. 

Ziggler needs to step in and make a huge impact Sunday night against the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. The man who has to be, well, perfection. 

Dolph has shined on the big stage before, and there's no denying that at his best he can go out there and put on a "match of the year" type performance. However, with his career somewhat at a crossroads, ADR's injury has given him a lucky break to prove once again that he deserves to be in the world championship picture on a permanent basis. 

There's no doubt that Ziggler has lost a step since 2012 began. His feuds with guys like Brodus Clay and (ugh) Hornswoggle are definitely forgettable, and up until last week, it seemed like he was rapidly on his way to joining guys like Kofi Kingstion in mid-card purgatory. Thanks to a timely injury though, all of that changed pretty quickly. 

I will admit, it was nice to watch the WWE not rush and make the same mistake with Ziggler like it did with The Miz and ADR. He did have that ridiculous 10-second title reign over a year back, but still, they were building his persona and name slowly, and I thought effectively.

Then, the guy's stock dropped so quickly, which made me question if the WWE ever had faith in the guy in the first place. 

Now though, Ziggler has gotten himself into a match that can make or break a wrestler's career. If he shines, he's only going to further assert himself as a future long-term champ, and he will also make the WWE pay attention to him again. 

Maybe he'll even pull out the victory in shocking fashion. It's doubtful, but it is a possibility. With a good match tonight though, who's to say that a few months from now he won't be headlining SummerSlam? 

No matter what happens on Sunday night, he's got to steal the show. He's got to be perfection. 

Most importantly, he's got to be Dolph Ziggler.