One Question You'd Love to Ask Every FBS Head Coach

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJune 21, 2012

One Question You'd Love to Ask Every FBS Head Coach

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    As college football fans, we often sit at home and watch our favorite coaches be interviewed. While watching the interviews, we begin to wonder why these reporters continue to lob softball question after softball question.

    This got me thinking. If I had every coach in the nation lined up and ready to answer one question, what would I ask them?

    Here is a look at one question for every head coach in the nation. Feel free to leave your own question or even answer the one I would have asked them.

Troy Calhoun

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    How have you been able to make Air Force the most consistent service academy program over the past decade?

Terry Bowden

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    After taking the Akron job for this upcoming season, does it make you nervous knowing that Jim Tressel is also back at the school?

Nick Saban

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    After saying that a team that doesn't win its conference shouldn't be allowed to play for the national title, how do you justify your team getting that shot last year?

Todd Graham

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    When you sit down in a recruit's living room, how are you able to look at parents and make them believe you are committed to Arizona State with all the changes you have made the past three seasons?

Rich Rodriguez

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    What was the one reason you were unable to be successful at Michigan, and will that same reason be a challenge for you at Arizona?

John L. Smith

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    What is the biggest challenge to taking over at Arkansas this year, knowing that they will be looking to replace you for the 2013 season?

Gus Malzahn

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    Now that you are the head man at Arkansas State, what is the one thing you look forward to the most about being a head coach?

Rich Ellerson

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    Your team took a huge drop off last year. What is the No. 1 thing you and your team have to do to get things turned around in 2012?

Gene Chizik

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    Going back to 2010, what was the most rewarding win for you personally, aside from the national championship game?

Pete Lembo

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    In 2011, you completed your first season at Ball State. What was the biggest challenge you faced that you didn't see coming?

Art Briles

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    Be honest, without Robert Griffin III, how many games can the Bears expect to win this season?

Chris Petersen

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    You have coached some outstanding teams over the past few years and believe you are part of the nation's elite, so why not move to a BCS conference and prove it?

Frank Spaziani

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    What is the biggest challenge that you face in making Boston College a legitimate threat to win the ACC?

Dave Clawson

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    In your first season at Bowling Green, you got the Falcons to a bowl game. How do you get things turned around to take this team back to the bowl season?

Jeff Quinn

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    When most people hear about the Bulls, they only know about Turner Gill. How was Gill able to get so much out of this program and yet things have fallen flat for you?

Bronco Mendenhall

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    You have been with BYU long enough to know what it is like being part of a conference, and now the Cougars are an independent. What is the biggest difference you have noticed?

Jeff Tedford

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    Currently there are whispers that if you don't get things turned around quickly, you could be fired. What is the hardest part about coaching what that kind of pressure?

Dan Enos

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    Playing in the state of Michigan, you are always overshadowed by MSU and Michigan, but between Western and Eastern, which program do you hate more?

Butch Jones

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    If your team went undefeated, and there were teams from the Big 12, Pac-12 or SEC with one loss, what would be your best argument against those teams to see yours go to the title game despite the conference strengths?

Dabo Swinney

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    Clemson had the best first half start of any team in the nation last year. What happened in the second half of the season when there was so much on the line?

Jon Embree

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    You have now coached one season in the Pac-12; what was the most difficult coach and or team to go up against?

Jim McElwain

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    This will be your first year with Colorado State after coaching at Alabama for a few years. What do you anticipate being your biggest challenge at a much smaller school?

Paul Pasqualoni

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    With Randy Edsall at Maryland last year, did you find yourself being judged based on the success he had with the Huskies in 2010?

David Cutcliffe

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    With the basketball team casting its shadow over the football team, what keeps you with Duke?

Ruffin McNeill

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    After two mediocre seasons with East Carolina, do you feel like you are on the hot seat, and how do you get this team above .500 and winning big football games?

Ron English

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    In 2009, your team didn't win a single game, yet last year you helped them improve to a 6-6 record. What has been the biggest factor in that turnaround at Eastern Michigan?

Carl Pelini

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    What is the biggest challenge you expect to have when moving from a program like Nebraska to a program like Florida Atlantic? 

Will Muschamp

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    Despite only coaching one season at Florida, do you already feel like you are under the gun to win and win now?

Mario Cristobal

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    As a coach, how rewarding is it to be able to take a team like Florida International and lead them to an eight-win season?

Jimbo Fisher

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    After two seasons with Florida State, you have gone 10-4 and 9-4. How do you think the program will react to not meeting expectations again should the team falter this season?

Tim DeRuyter

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    Despite the poor season that Pat Hill and Fresno State had last year, how will you try to fill the shoes that Hill left with this program?

Mark Richt

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    After the roller coaster ride that you have gone through with the fans and program, do you ever think that you deserve better?

Paul Johnson

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    Georgia Tech is one of the best rushing teams in the nation, but do you ever think that you will need to adjust your strategy to a game that is so pass heavy now?

Norm Chow

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    After spending decades as an assistant coach, why was Hawaii the job that you decided would be your first as a head coach?

Tony Levine

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    With the losses that this team had, including Case Keenum, during the offseason, what will be the biggest challenge for the Cougars going forward?

Robb Akey

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    Despite what your team may or may not do on the field, is it ever disheartening knowing that Boise State is always overshadowing you?

Tim Beckman

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    Last year, your team came up painfully short of beating Ohio State in Columbus. What would that win have meant for you and the program?

Kevin Wilson

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    Considering that the Hoosiers won only one game last year, if your team could only accomplish one thing this year, what would you want that to be?

Kirk Ferentz

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    How do you change Iowa from being consistently good to a team that is a serious threat to win the Big 10?

Paul Rhoads

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    After a huge home win over then-undefeated Oklahoma State, your team lost the rest of its games. How do you get your team to play like the one that beat Oklahoma State on a more consistent basis?

Charlie Weis

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    How are things going to be an different at Kansas than they were with Notre Dame, a place where you had much more talent?

Bill Snyder

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    After your tea, went 10-3 last year, you caught most of the nation off-guard. Who performed at a level last year that you didn't even expect?

Darrell Hazell

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    After spending seven years with Ohio State, what was the biggest adjustment you had to make when moving to Kent State last year?

Joker Phillips

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    Despite your efforts, Kentucky seems to be stuck around .500. What is it going to take to get the Wildcats over the hump and make them a competitive SEC team?

Sonny Dykes

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    What is the biggest challenge you expect to face when defending your conference title in 2012?

Mark Hudspeth

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    After one season with Louisiana Lafayette, you lead the team to a bowl win. How were you able to get things turned around so quickly?

Todd Berry

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    Do you believe that the time you spent outside of coaching has caused you and the program to have a slow start these past two seasons?

Charlie Strong

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    In a wide-open Big East, you return Teddy Bridgewater under center. Is this season a failure if the Cardinals fail to win the Big East?

Les Miles

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    When waiting to see who LSU would play in the national title game, did you believe that Alabama deserved another shot after you had already beaten the Tide earlier in the year?

Doc Holliday

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    After a two-win improvement and bowl victory, what goals do you have set for this team in 2012?

Randy Edsall

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    Be honest, what did you think when you saw the new uniforms your team would wear at the start of last season?

Justin Fuente

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    With all of the success that you saw at TCU, what is the one thing you hope to bring with you as a head coach to Memphis?

Al Golden

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    After hearing everything that you have so far about what has gone on off the field in the past at Miami, would you still take the job?

Don Treadwell

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    After a 4-8 season in 2011, what is one achievable goal that you will put in front of your team for this year?

Mark Dantonio

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    What was going through your mind a couple of years ago when you faked a field goal in overtime to beat Notre Dame?

Brady Hoke

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    In the opening week of the season you take on Alabama. What is the most difficult part about taking on a team like the Crimson Tide?

Rick Stockstill

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    If your AD called your right now and asked why you should keep your job after the way things have gone the past two years, what would you tell him?

Jerry Kill

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    What was going through your mind the moments before you had your seizure on the sidelines last season?

Dan Mullen

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    Since coming to Mississippi State, you have vowed to never lose in the Egg Bowl and have upheld that promise. Which Egg Bowl victory has been most satisfying to you?

Gary Pinkel

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    Like it or not, you are heading to the SEC this season. Do you believe you can prepare your team for this change, or is it something they will have to learn as they go?

Ken Niumatalolo

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    After great seasons in 2008, 2009 and 2010, was last year's down season the beginning of a new trend or a small bump in the road?

Tom O'Brien

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    Did you know that Mike Glennon would do so well in place of Russell Wilson, or did that catch you off guard as well?

Bo Pelini

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    If you could go back and redo the entire 2011 Big 10 season, what would you do differently, and are there lessons that you learned that will help you in 2012?

Chris Ault

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    Despite some short breaks, you have been the head coach of Nevada since 1976, what has kept you there all of these years?

Bob Davie

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    After leaving Notre Dame, why make your comeback into college football with a team like New Mexico?

DeWayne Walker

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    With slow improvement at New Mexico State, what do you believe is standing in the way of making this team a bowl team?

Dave Doeren

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    In your first season as a head coach, you won a bowl game and a conference title. Where do you go from there?

Larry Fedora

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    Going into the Conference USA title game, everyone was talking about Houston and its undefeated season. What did you tell your team before going on the field?

Dan McCarney

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    What is the biggest difference you have noticed between being a head coach at Iowa State and now the head coach of North Texas?

Pat Fitzgerald

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    Does the pressure of knowing that Northwestern hasn't won a bowl game since 1949 wear on you at all?

Brian Kelly

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    What did you think of alumni and people around the nation who were criticizing you for your sideline behavior?

Frank Solich

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    Two out of the past three seasons, you have gotten Ohio to the conference title game. What is missing from your team to get over the hump and win that game?

Urban Meyer

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    With Ohio State being ineligible for postseason play this year, how do you motivate the juniors and seniors on this team?

Bob Stoops

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    The Big 12 underwent some changes this season. Who do you think will be the bigger challenge in 2012, TCU or West Virginia?

Mike Gundy

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    When it was announced that Alabama was going to play for the national championship last year, what was the first thing that went through your mind?

Hugh Freeze

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    How do you turn around this program that has been struggling for so long now?

Chip Kelly

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    When you decided to stay at Oregon over leaving for the NFL, you said you and the Ducks had some unfinished business. What were you referring to?

Mike Riley

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    What is the biggest challenge when recruiting in the same state as rival Oregon?

Bill O'Brien

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    With all of the off-the-field issues that Penn State is currently in the midst of, was there ever a point at which you didn't feel that this was the job for you?

Paul Chryst

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    After the way that Todd Graham left this program, do you believe that you can stabilize things in just one year?

Danny Hope

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    With all of the storylines in your division of the Big 10, like Ohio State being out of the postseason and Penn State trying to refocus, do you believe that your team could take advantage and make a run at winning the division?

David Bailiff

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    In 2008 your team won 10 games, but since then the most they have won is four games. What has been the difference?

Kyle Flood

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    What is the biggest challenge in taking over for Greg Schiano?

Rocky Long

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    Besides for all of the football talk, what has been the coolest part about having a first name like Rocky?

Mike MacIntyre

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    In two years, you have taken San Jose State from one win to five wins. How did you turn things around there so quickly?

June Jones

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    As you have continued to turn SMU around, do you take any pride knowing the depths that this program has been to and now seeing the heights that you have helped them grow to?

Steve Spurrier

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    Is there a trick play that you have drawn up but haven't found the right moment to use it yet?

Skip Holtz

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    After a great start to the 2011 season, what do you contribute to the collapse that your team went through after September?

Ellis Johnson

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    Since 1984, you have been an assistant coach. What do you think will be the biggest challenge with stepping back into the head coaching role?

David Shaw

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    Now that Andrew Luck is gone, many believe that we will find out how good of a coach you are. How do you feel when people set the expectation for you in 2012?

Doug Marrone

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    No West Virginia this year, which means the conference should be wide open. What is in the way of the Orange stepping up and grabbing that spot?

Gary Patterson

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    After years of saying that your team could take on anyone, you are heading to the Big 12. What is the challenge that you look forward to most with the move?

Steve Addazio

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    You were a first-year head coach last year in the MAC, and now you find yourself in the Big East. Which team do you look forward to playing against the most?

Derek Dooley

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    After a 6-7 season and 5-7 season, Vols fans are anxious for a winner. What does this team need to do to get back to competing for conference titles?

Kevin Sumlin

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    What is the biggest challenge you believe that the Aggies will face with switching over to the SEC?

Mack Brown

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    After Colt McCoy left, you guys have hit a rough patch. How do you get your program back to competing for conference and national titles?

Tommy Tuberville

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    Do you believe that the key to being successful this season is as simple as staying healthy, or do you guys need more?

Matt Campbell

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    As a young head coach, what is the best part about being the head man at Toledo?

Larry Blakeney

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    Since you have been at Troy since 1991, what is the reason that you have stayed there over looking at other options around the nation?

Curtis Johnson

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    For the past five years, you have been in the NFL and now are moving to being the head coach at Tulane. What do you see as being the hardest transition between the two?

Bill Blankenship

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    What is the most unique part about coaching in Conference USA?

Garrick McGee

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    Do you feel that you would have been a good replacement at Arkansas with everything that ended up happening?

George O'Leary

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    Last year's fifth-place finish tied your worst finish since coming to UCF. How do you get things turned around in 2012?

Jim Mora

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    While UCLA has a lot to offer to a head coach, what was the one thing that made the choice to take the heading coaching position easier for you?

Bobby Hauck

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    After all of the success you had with Montana, how difficult have the past two seasons with UNLV been on you as a competitor? 

Lane Kiffin

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    The national perception of you as a coach and human being is not a positive one. What is one thing that the media and fans have gotten completely wrong about you?

Gary Andersen

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    If you could go back and play the fourth quarter of the Auburn game over from last year, what would you do differently?

Kyle Whittingham

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    Now that you have played in the Pac-12 for a season, what is the biggest lesson that you can take with you for the upcoming year?

Mike Price

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    In your career you have three extended stays as head coach of Weber State, Washington State and now UTEP. Where do you have your fondest memories?

James Franklin

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    After getting Vanderbilt into a bowl game last year, what are the expectations that you have for your team in 2012?

Mike London

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    At the start of the 2011 season, did you believe your team would have a chance to go to the ACC title game in the last game of the regular season?

Frank Beamer

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    Since 1987, you have been the head coach of Virginia Tech. Was Michael Vick the best player you ever coached, or was someone else better in your mind?

Jim Grobe

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    After your team got out to a quick start, things fizzled down the stretch. What was the biggest thing that contributed to the finish you guys had in 2011?

Steve Sarkisian

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    As you get ready to enter your fourth season with Washington, do you believe you have this team where you wanted them to be after three seasons?

Mike Leach

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    Are you looking forward to an offensive shootout with Chip Kelly when you guys take on the Ducks?

Dana Holgorsen

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    Now that you are out of the Big East, do you believe you can keep your team focused for a much more challenging schedule in the Big 12?

Willie Taggart

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    You helped Western Kentucky jump from 2-10 to 7-5 last year. All seven of your wins came in the Sun Belt conference, so do you believe you can win the conference this year?

Bill Cubit

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    Which rival program is the bigger pain in your backside: Eastern Michigan or Central Michigan?

Bret Bielema

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    Which Rose Bowl loss was tougher to take, TCU or Oregon?

Dave Christensen

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    What benefits do you express to young recruits when trying to get them to come to Wyoming to play football?