Listing the 6 Most Frustrating Players on the Baltimore Ravens' Roster

Shawn Brubaker@@63brubakerContributor IIJune 18, 2012

Listing the 6 Most Frustrating Players on the Baltimore Ravens' Roster

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    Despite being known as a model of consistency in today's NFL, the Baltimore Ravens still have some players who continue to frustrate fans and coaches alike.

    Some of these players are established stars or up-and-comers. Others are players hanging on just to make the roster.

    What they all have in common, though, is that they can drive Ravens' fans and coaches crazy.

    Here are the six players who most fit that description.

Sergio Kindle

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    Few Ravens' draft picks have yielded less results than Sergio Kindle.

    While he can't be blamed for the injury that has resulted in the messy situation that has characterized his career, his status as a potential draft bust means that he's a frustrating player for the team.

    Kindle has excellent talent, but he doesn't look like he will be the answer at OLB this year, even with Terrell Suggs sidelined with an injury.

    If Kindle doesn't force his way onto the field this year, he might not be a Raven in 2013.

Bryant McKinnie

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    Bryant McKinnie is the Ravens' best left tackle, but unfortunately, he doesn't have much competition, as his conditioning is suspect every year.

    Instead of practicing with the team during minicamps, McKinnie worked on his conditioning, as he was ill-prepared for the rigors of practice.

    This was an issue for McKinnie with the Vikings, and this has continued to be an issue with the Ravens. 

    McKinnie needs to ramp up his offseason preparations to regain his Pro Bowl form. At this point, that seems unlikely.

Anquan Boldin

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    Anquan Boldin was added to provide a true No. 1 receiver, but he has been a marginal top target, at best, as a Raven.

    Most of his problems stem from his lack of burst, as Boldin is simply unable to free himself from coverage.

    While this issue is no surprise, his struggles with drops have been a shock. His hands were renowned for their strength, and he can pluck the ball out of the air with one hand like few receivers can.

    That makes it all the more baffling that he was among the league leaders in drops in 2011, and some came at key moments.

    Boldin needs to prove that the Ravens made a wise decision trading for him. With Torrey Smith opposite him, Boldin doesn't need to be elite, but he at least needs to be consistent.

Torrey Smith

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    Speaking of Torrey Smith, the dynamic receiver had his share of drops in 2011 that made him frustrating.

    What makes Smith so frustrating is how incredible he can be at one moment and how maddening he can be the next.

    Case in point: Smith dropped a potential game-winning touchdown against the Steelers in 2011. He then proceeded to catch the game-winning touchdown.

    If he can overcame this inconsistency, and with his work ethic, he definitely can, Smith will be the best receiver in franchise history.

    For now, though, he'll probably have a few more drops than fans are comfortable with.

David Reed

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    David Reed is a sad case. He's a coach's favorite who made some good things happen before the wheels fell off in a horrific way against the Seattle Seahawks.

    His fumbles likely cost the Ravens the game, and he's never made enough of an impact on offense to justify his roster spot.

    If he could just hold on to the football, he could be a dynamic returner, but his game against the Seahawks cast doubt on his ability to be an NFL kick returner.

    Sadly, Reed is also constantly struggling with injury, making him among the most frustrating players on the Ravens' roster.

Ed Reed

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    Ed Reed's constant flirtation with retirement is frustrating enough, but his play is just as, if not more, frustrating.

    What makes Reed so frustrating to watch is how he'll intercept a pass and then give the ball back to the other team on a lateral.

    Every time Reed gets the ball in his hands, fans and coaches alike hold their breath, hoping Reed doesn't do something stupid.

    Unfortunately, Reed is talented enough to pull this off most of the time, but his occasionally boneheaded plays can cost the Ravens dearly.

    This tic is not enough to keep Reed from being the best safety in the game, but it's incredibly frustrating to force a turnover, only to give the ball right back.