Ranking the Best Athletes' Kids' Interviews

Joe Maloney@@JoeMaloneyNYRContributor IIIJune 18, 2012

Ranking the Best Athletes' Kids' Interviews

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    There is a growing trend of athletes bringing their children to the microphones with them. One thing seems to come true every time with this trend: You cannot predict or control their behavior. 

    Interviews in sports have grown static. The process is simple: A reporter asks a question, and an athlete answers without emotion. Coaches occasionally blow up (see: John Tortorella), or athletes respond sarcastically (see: Bryce Harper), but rarely is there much entertainment.

    Interviewing a kid is often much more amusing. Here are the best interviews with athletes' children.

No. 4 : Kendrick Perkins Jr.!

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    Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of Craig Sager. Every time I want to watch sports, I have to see a fashion statement, and it just isn't my thing.

    That being said, I give him credit for this spontaneous interview with Thunder center Kendrick Perkins' son, Kendrick Perkins Jr. Sager gets creative when he asks Perkins Jr., "Why are you dressed like Russell Westbrook?"

No. 3 : "Little Baby" Davis

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    Following the Magic's loss to the Pacers in Game 3 of the playoffs, a solemn "Big Baby" Davis decided to bring his daughter Amari up to face the music with him.

    Amari distracted Davis by calling out "daddy" and crumpling up a piece of paper, prompting Davis to ask her, "That's how you feel?" While she was not as distracting as some other interviewees, Amari definitely brought joy to the interview.

No. 2 : Madison Quick

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    I'm not sure what is funnier in this clip: the fact that Madison is running around with a Kings flag or that Darryl Sutter actually shows some personality with the little girl.

    Although Madison got somewhat overbearing at times, leaving a few people to wonder where the parenting was, she added some comics to her dad's post-game Cup interview.

    Jonathan seems to have changed the "MVP" status to Most Valuable Poppa.

No. 1 : Chris Paul Jr.

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    What can I say about Chris Paul Jr.? He is the little superstar that brought my attention to kids up at the post-game microphones.

    His first outburst was an introduction to the media of his relationship to the elder Paul by yelling, "Daddy!" After that it was the banging of his raisin box and loud cries for "Momma!" that made the media and public laugh in the background.